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  1. naw man his knees are toast, even 3 yrs ago he had what 960 and 10 drops in his prime,,farewell tour if were being honest here :
  2. your right lol 3 yrs ago i might of wanted him but now.. uugh
  3. so he has 500 yds last 3 games? thats doubling . his best yr he had like 960 in 16 games while healthy and younger . i'll take that bet.
  4. braylon 174 yds last yr this yr 74 yds 1 td total 2 years.. we should of kept him while he was good
  5. bray has less than 265 yds the last 2 yrs combined . but hey it beats what we have...maybe
  6. sup jif,,, just tring to bring a change up , to the ol message board..lol some truth to it tho....................
  7. good post, that's what i have picked up on also..
  8. this is soo sad. , that the jets message board has regressed to this. carry on............... go jets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merry christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. typical jets fan on here sigh (((((((((((((((
  10. jets fans act like were 1-11 cowboys fans act like there super bowl bound after beating the browns in ot and the hapless eagles twice... go figure..
  11. my bad 27........ i see i thought you were talking about sidney rice who plays with the seahawks now, and is doing perty bad... now it makes sence...lol it's good to be back
  12. jerah rice, talkin about sidney rice then jumpin to jerry rice................ seems like your all over the place... lol cool how bout 5 superbowls to.? how many.... you bring things up irrelevant to topic. now if were talkin about best ever rw and the jets wouldn't be in the equation. but that wasnt the pt.
  13. for kicks s. rice 3088 yds 24 tds career rw 5715 44 tds career but yeah prolly right.
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