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  1. Favorite part of the video was when he was boasting about doing it all, but failed to mention pass-blocking once.
  2. Rodgers can cement his reputation as a top level boss by driving down the field and winning
  3. This. Getting Iupoti is a must this off-season. Anyone remember how signing Faneca in free agency worked out?
  4. If anyone actually thought that we would lose this game was delusional. Coples, Geno, Decker, all having career games. O-Line doing well without Mangold. Rex Ryan chest bumping Geno, It's just all so right for a finale.
  5. Kinda odd he doesn't honor or mention Wilkerson in that list. He isn't paid like the rest yet but he deserved a shout out.
  6. One day he will be demanding Suh, Watt, McCoy type contracts
  7. Or even better. We beat both the Patriots and Dolphins and everyone stays because "improvement".

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