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  1. Favorite part of the video was when he was boasting about doing it all, but failed to mention pass-blocking once.
  2. Rodgers can cement his reputation as a top level boss by driving down the field and winning
  3. This. Getting Iupoti is a must this off-season. Anyone remember how signing Faneca in free agency worked out?
  4. If anyone actually thought that we would lose this game was delusional. Coples, Geno, Decker, all having career games. O-Line doing well without Mangold. Rex Ryan chest bumping Geno, It's just all so right for a finale.
  5. Kinda odd he doesn't honor or mention Wilkerson in that list. He isn't paid like the rest yet but he deserved a shout out.
  6. One day he will be demanding Suh, Watt, McCoy type contracts
  7. Or even better. We beat both the Patriots and Dolphins and everyone stays because "improvement".
  8. Look at that block by Geno! Looks like he doesn't want any true QB competition this off-season.
  9. If given the option, would you roll with the Wilkerson/Richardson or the Cromartie/Revis combo? I wonder which Rex prefered.
  10. Lol football is filled with so many judgemental bs call's. There was plenty of evidence to overrule that fumble.
  11. Mike Evans just broke some record for having three straight 100 yard games with a touchdown as a rook and Beckman Jr is making ridiculously acrobatic catches left and right. Sh*t is unreal.
  12. Harris might have just guillotined the sh*t outta Bell, lol. And btw Richardson and WIlkerson are ridiculously fun to watch.
  13. I thought Geno was the right move to start the season but sh*t, what would the season look like if Vick had won the job?
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