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  1. I sure hope he is. We are long overdue
  2. Its time for someone to deliver be it Douglas, Saleh or team. We have all seen the Jets win the offseason super bowl. Its time to get into the playoffs and go far.
  3. Yeah I'm with do not get it at all. The QB part is a no brainer because we don't have one. If Darnold was still on the team they should have build around him. The first pick should have been Sewell. Then WR, TE, RB. Now we have to draft a QB and hope these scrubs along the line not named Becton can keep the new QB upright
  4. When have the Jets gotten that lucky? These OL signings stink. I hope someone else is seeing the big picture but Douglas needs to have a Jimmie "How Bout Them Cowboys" Johnson type draft
  5. I agree we better not see a defensive player till the 2nd round. The Jets have been going defense forever and still can't stop anyone. Especially in a league designed to score.
  6. 1) I think they wanted him all along. Plus with Wilkerson leg injury I think the market wasn't there for trade value. 2) The proverbial best player available was Macc thinking. I'm certainly not a fan of the BPA theory. Just because it could overload either one side of your team. In our case DL. We have major issues on the OL and it got even worst with the sudden retirement of D'Brick. Yes, Todd Gurley would look great on this team right now. 3) I wish he can work more magic and bring Fitz back in. With NE having Brady out for 4 games this year we can make it to the playoffs. Messing
  7. I hope you're right but the Jets don't get that lucky.
  8. I don't think I'm wrong about Geno. He can only beat Miami in Miami. Sorry but we need more production that that. The guy looks clumsy in mechanics and the only person I've seen worst than him is our 2016 2nd round QB pick. If Bowles and Mac truly want to tank the season I would go with Petty before Geno. Let's see what we got with him as we have already seen what we have with Geno. People expecting Geno to turn into an all star are just not realistic. This is the Jets we don't get lucky with backup QB becoming stars. Well not since Matt Robinson in the late 70's.
  9. The Jets staff is treading into dangerous waters. Geno couldn't throw as many TD's as Fitz did in 3 years. GM Mac could kill all the good vibrations he got after last year. Drafting Williams, washing the Idzik off this team and getting Executive of the Year. All that could be gone quickly messing around with Geno. Geno will never be any good under any system. Tanking the season just to cut some fund at the most critical position will piss off a bunch of fans. The Jets were close last year and going backward is not an option.
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