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  1. Ive been thinking for once. This is b.s. posting. Yeah I know, I started it and I'm calling bs on myslef. I would do the same thing if I were N. Mangold.
  2. Is Hernandez a murderer? It's starting to look like it. Wow, who woulda think it.
  3. He is trying to get ahead of the topic and sway public opinion.
  4. Mangold is trying to get out in front of the debate which is likely brewing.
  5. http://t.foxsports.msn.com/nfl/report-jets-want-sanchez-at-qb
  6. For all anyone knows Brady was part of the decision. He is at an age in life where he might want to take someone under his guidance. Why not let Tebow In the game at the one yard line especially if you are up a touchdown or two. When you get into your thirties and forties things are a bit different, it's not going to "shake" his psychy like Sanchez.
  7. There's nothing wrong with being the punt protector, it's just goin to be one more weapon for the Pats. Being cut is not likely in 2013, that's the anti-Tebow slipping out of you replacing your normally sound judgment. Belicheck isn't going to waste his time signing Tebow and then cutting him. He would only do that if Tebow showed up with a bad work ethic or has some type of Jackass side to him that no one had seen yet. The Patriots are not the Jets. This is probably the best thing that could have happened to Tebow.
  8. No specific reason, it was a lazy commute in to work.
  9. Anointing Geno king after watching him run around in shorts is awesome. Go Geno go, you are a much better player than we saw on TV last year. The rookie mini-camp and those early season WVU games against those football power houses are what I'm basing my opinion on. Really Costello?
  10. Let the man be, he's not a Jet and he is gone. Everyone played a part in killing the career of the one man we all could have enjoyed watching run head first into the end zone. How many other QBs do that? None. It's an old style of football that's too risky and doesn't produce enough points for most GMs but its damn enjoyable to watch. Will we ever see a Battle for a first down like the one in Chicago when got hit by Briggs, another Bear, then finally Urlacher gets over there and slams him back. What about the run up the right side against the Jets when he blows by Revis. That is the stuff I
  11. Their QB is 41 years old, how is that not a jab. Even more he said that it he would only be able to compete for the backup spot. He could always be traded to another CFL team though.
  12. Running through the holes is what I'll miss most but back to back years of broken ribs is not good.
  13. You are probably right if he gets a chance but those comments from the Montreal GM were harsh. It's a real blood bath out there for him.
  14. I see your point but it doesn't sound like he is going to get a shot there. I guess Montreal could trade him to another CFL that wants him to start?
  15. Has anyone heard of any site visits? They should be happening soon if he is going anywhere.
  16. I'm really down for the guy. I've been there at the top of the world and came crashing down before going uo again so I know how difficult it can be to get back to the level your were before. And frankly how unlikely it is to do so. With that out of the way "good luck to you Mr. Tebow" as you plow forward. But this thread is really not about that its where people think he will end up. Case 1. NFL Starting QB: Highly unlikely that a team will bring him in as a starting QB. The only possible places for this to happen based on QB suckiness would be Cleveland, Miami, Oakland, Minnesota, Jac
  17. Tebow got burned, no doubt, but that happens in life pal and lashing out at the Jets isn't going to help. He needs to learn from this error in his life and move on, learn to choose carefully whom you should have trust in and whom not to. Unfortunately he may have to take his learning to another career as the NFL is a stodgy organization and he might not get a second chance. If he lays low his reputation will stay in tact and it will be the Jets that have a classic Pyrhhic victory on their hands. It'll be Rex's, Woody's and the rest of the Jets organization that will end up with tarnished re
  18. The forty yard dash is so overrated. Let me know what the guy runs in the second, third, and fourth quarters then we can talk. In fact, lets wait until we've timed that player during plays in a game. Does he use that speed at every chance, can be elevate to a faster speed when the adrenaline is pumping? You want an example of real speed. It's Torry Holt, he ran at 4.3 levels every down in all four quarters, same thing for Adrian Peterson.
  19. "I still believe in Mark". And I believe in the Tooth Fairy.
  20. Gino will start, Tebow will be his backup, Garrard will serve as mentor, Sanchez, McElroy and Simms will be cut.
  21. One more thing....this Gino and Tebow thing has Read Option written all over it. I like it!
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