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  1. pryor should concentrate on learning how to tackle properly and knock a ball out of the carriers hands. antonio allen is a way better tackler. pryor is a bum, out there "flying around" like a fool flailing himself into ball carriers and missing half the time.
  2. how about this guy? http://bleacherreport.com/tb/ddpAp
  3. WR #2/CB #2

    Greg Little just cut by browns, give him a shot
  4. Jets sign Jacoby Ford

    what the hell happened to miles austin? why not take a "flyer" on someone like that? injury history amd maybe some inconsistency yet hes shown something.
  5. Idzick does have a viable plan! not many of you can see it for what it is, strategy! let other teams sign these overpriced/troublesome and or both douchebag free agents and what does this allow the Jets to do. maybe have a guy on their board fall to them because some other team made a "big splash" in free agency for a goin on has been player. And we possibly get the player we covet!
  6. oh yeah youre right! they signed on matt flynn, terrell owens and sydney rice! all of whom were so integral to their hoisting of the lombardi trophy.
  7. Jets fans are the REAL circus

    I know, what a bunch of blat ass candy pants' as embarrasing as any team management could make.
  8. I mean at what ever level either plays at
  9. I think Micheal Vick gives us the best chance to win... Rex may be saying that long after the season is lost but what else is new?
  10. i dont see drocro sprinting up a hill with a huge tire strapped to him as part of his offseason routine.
  11. was the seahawks influx of talent and subsequent superbowl victory the result if rampant spending and huge contracts to major free agent acquisitions? couple deft trades(lynch and harvin)harvin got a big contract, who else? the seahawks didnt happen over night. maybe we need pete carrol back?
  12. is kyle wilson on the last yr of his rook deal? maybe he would be inclined to prove something?
  13. CB A. Cromartie wants to come back

    i think AC could be worth $4mill per yr. he wants to play. been seeing quite a few references to DRC vaguely talking about calling it quits, i dont trust that he has the motivation from what ive read. give AC a physical, hes a workout warrior he can get back.
  14. Pats Loading up for 1 last run

    i hate the patriots and it makes me sick. i hope their "sick secondary" winds up a sickly secondary. does idziks "competition" mantra extend beyond the team? i dont necessarily think we needed mevis or stoner but we NEED a vetern presence opposite milliner and i like DRC, hes only 27 and his stat line reads similar to revis'
  15. Do the Raiders want Mark Sanchez?

    they might give us a #1 pick and a conditional 4th rounder for him and sign him to a 6yr $54million contract;)