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  1. I'll happily follow this guy. Vote Nooder.
  2. Lynch Nolder Wednesday's are big around here.
  3. Modkill their ass. Or skip their action, it seems to happen.
  4. I just smoked some kush and took about a dozen shots. #wins
  5. How the **** can I play Drunk Mafia™ if the damn day never starts?
  6. I'm down. Start day up Jack.
  7. ****, do any of you tools have jobs or what? I was only away for four damn hours.
  8. Jameson for me, Cranberry Cosmotini for Nol.
  9. Drinking tonight. Drunk Mafia™ anyone?
  10. Best game in a long time, thanks Lee.
  11. You really have no interest at all in securing a lynch, do you?
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