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  1. As good as Town is looking right now, I can lay this out there:

    I'm Al, Town Cop, DPR is Town, so the continued focus on him can stop. Glad that JC got shot last night, as I viewed him N1.

    I just figured we can narrow the lynch pool from here on out, that's why I revealed now. I'd rather look at Dap, in any other game he'd have 200+ posts by now, his laying low makes me believe that he's our third party shooter. Even as scum he's still the top poster and throws ideas all over the place. But AVM looks scummy to me too if that's the route everyone wants to take. But I strongly urge everyone to think long and hard about Dap.

  2. Yeah, if memory serves, good 'ol Harry sold out Mrs. McClane, right?

    And we're looking for a 3rd party shooter who took JiF out last night, right?

    You know what else is badass? Not you.

    After several nanoseconds of reflection, I could see a case for Harry being a symp. That would fit the flavor.

  3. Wasn't me. I holstered.

    Leelou looks like a mafia kill.

    Not sure what to make of JiF other than Verbal or Pac has a gun...

    Vote Crusher

    So you say you have a shot, and holstered. State you suspect Verb or Pac as a third party shooter (unless you think there are multiple Vigs, in which case,.derp) , then vote Crush? I'm not following here.

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