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  1. Uh what?

    80 claimed "Walt the generic City Worker"

    Leroy claimed Argyle

    Which sounds truer or more likely to actually be in the game? Seems obvious to me. And no, I don't trust DPR at all. But Mafia 101 says don't lynch a claimed PR on Day one with no CC. So I don't see any other option than 80 unless we want to run someone else up to a reveal (which I don't) or blind speed lynch someone (which I'm always down for).

  2. No. I just think we gotta kill someone who already revealed. 80's claim rings a little truer to me than yours. I would slaughter DPR if we could get the votes on him. Silly and scummy to keep running everyone up. DPR's reveal is possibly the worse ever. LOL

    "Walt" rings truer than Argyle? Seriously?

  3. I love how DPR stated that scum would not claim John McClane. Then he claims it. LOL Breadcrumb much? I also like how he says it will not pay to run up to many people but calls me scum for saying the same thing. His claim is horse sh*t.

    You don't think there would have been a CC by now? McClane has to be in the game.

  4. I feel like y'all are being a bit hasty in your deductions. Honestly, break up the routine, go against the norm and try to picture just once that I'm Town.

    See? That wasn't so hard, now was it?

    Is was like imagining killing kittens. Or 80 finally losing his virginity. Totally evil, wrong concept.

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