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  1. I tried my best to convince everyone that Darthe, Hallia, Salami, and all those with viagra were Town. My powers of persuasion are lacking I guess. But I knew from Day One that vanilla Townies had the pills. After my own PM, and Darthe revealing when he did, it was obvious to me. I needed to do a better job keeping them from being lynched. That one's on me.

  2. I think Town is ****ed either way. The only possibility for Town to win is if Klecko is, in fact a Vig and not an SK, and I just don't believe that. In any scenario where he is third party, we lose regardless of who we lynch, even if it's scum since he'll get his shot off tonight. And if we lynch him, regardless of his role, then scum wins. We know there can't be two scumleft or game would be over.


    *still thinking out loud, gimme a sec*

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