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  1. Yes, my viagra was stolen today, not that I needed it anyway.

    I'm undecided about Klecko and his reveal. On one hand, I believe that he has a kill and that it requires viagra to work. I'm thinking it sounds much more like an SK role than a vig, just due to the mechanics of how his kill works. Add that to his lurky play up till now and the conflicting nature of his statements which Leroy pointed out and it just doesn't pass the smell test for me.

    Before I vote, I think Hallia needs to claim, it's odd to me that everyone else has but her.

    I won't be voting for Darthe. I've thought him Town since Day One and nothing has happpened to change that. I won't kill him just for being derp. At this point, for me it's Klecko or Hallia.

  2. Alright time to blow this game up.


    I'm a Lie Detector. I use my investigations during the day.

    Day 1 I checked a statement from TomShane about having an "awesome PR" which came back as true. And then he died.

    Day 2 I had a lot of trouble finding a good statement so I settled on Ishy's post where he says he's town because it was easy. That's true.


    And I haven't use my power yet for Day 3.




    I think now that I'm vetted, we can blow this sh*t up. I think Klecko needs to get his head in the game. And Verb and Leelou are scummy. JC slightly as well.

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