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  1. I usually policy lynch self-voters...not sure your death brings enough intel...

    I actually thought more people insinuated they had Viagra then did not***looks at Nolder***...not sure of any others who denied getting it...plus Darthe did claim his was stolen...is that correct Darthe? Maybe it was salami...

    As far as I can recall without an actual reread, I think five of us have claimed to have one.

  2. MF it's the end of day 2. Scumhunting is done, it's time to vote.

    If you want to quit talk to the mods. If not then switch your damn vote and help us actually lynch someone.

    Don't want to quit you douche, I want to win, I do that whether I'm dead or alive. This pill and partnering topic has overshadowed the whole game since Darthe brought it up. But whatevs bro, if everyone doesn't mind dealing with it, I can't force you to.

  3. Leelou would never do that.

    If we aren't going to scumhunt, I think the best thing we can do is try to settle this viagra issue. Get one of us that has clamed to have one killed and put it to rest. Right now it's a huge distraction and keeping everyone from focusing on finding scum. I'm pretty confident that it's tied to our role so let's get it out of the way.

    Unvote. Vote Ishy.

  4. Explain how that makes him town

    The being linked with a player and having a viagra pill? Because it's the identical info I was given. And I seriously doubt Town and scum were given the same info. The fact that he brought it up before anyone else does proves that he's not piggy-backing on already revealed info. If anything, were I in your shoes I'd be more suspect of those of us that said the same later. But Darthe is Town bro.

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