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  1. You're the one going around assuming stupid sh*t about people.

    Speaking of which if you really think Hallia is town why don't you tell her you're town too so she can LD it?

    She'll probably be dead tomorrow now that the doc is gone but hey maybe there's another protection role out there or something.

    1. I'm Town

    2. I'm not mafia

    3. I'm not third party

    4. Nolder is a tool

    Pick whichever you like, they'll all come back true.

  2. I didn't say he was privy to information. I'm going off the same information you guys have, that the doc is dead and for whatever bizarre reason was yelling that Hess is scum. Then somehow Hess, the leading train, had votes peel off of him and land on DPR. Do you guys have a better direction to go in off that information?

    Obvious to me that scum is trying to frame Hess. Because Salami and I both know that Hess is Town. So is Hallia. Let's go forward with knowing that.

  3. I think I see where you're coming from.  You took PR as power role, like Nolder I guess.  I took PR as post restriction, and the "it's been hinted at" was extremely vague  and almost seemed like he had a PR, but he hadn't been told what it was yet (or could give himself time to figure one out).  Him then dodging the questioning from me and Leelou, while posting, of where did he mention her nickname didn't help either.


    Add in to that him finally half-responding to me here:



    When I'm clearly referring to a post restriction, and he mentioned viagra which I can only assume means he has to talk constantly about boners.  Something that wasn't happening to that point.  Just doesn't quite fit to me.



    It's the viagra comment. Darthe is Town.

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