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  1. Just to clarify, it isn't you specifically I'd like to see lynched Green. It's just a numbers game at this point. Everyone else has role-character claimed, and it's down to you or CTM. Fwiw, I think you've played a good first game regardless of alignment.
  2. I keep hearing Cowherd talk about how we should trade Cousins for a first round pick. Dude is nuts. Cousins may be the best backup in the NFL.
  3. Was just bored. And let's be honest, sticking with the RGIII avi is a little humiliating. What a bust he's turned out to be. Dude has a glass jaw.
  4. I look forward to mocking you when this is all over.
  5. Debate it all you want. 80 killed Verb. 80.
  6. I'm in the in crowd now?? *swoons* About time.
  7. AVM did claim a very minor, unimportant character. Frost was killed nearly immediately. And if memory serves, he was cocooned and impregnated. Giggity.
  8. If there had been any evidence of a Cult in the game, not gonna lie, I'd be right there with you. But it's all speculation at this point. It fits the flavor, but there's no proof. Lynching Pac would be fun. But lynching every single anti-Town player on Day one? That sh*t is the stuff of legends. Would be much more fun.
  9. Meanwhile, CTM / Green sits in the QT laughing his ass off.
  10. Pretty sure Leroy has to be frustrated with how this turned out.
  11. Oh, and Green too. Don't remember him ever being semi-cleared.
  12. So by process of elimination, that leaves Nol, CTM, AVM, and Lily that I'd be willing to lynch, everyone else has claimed. Which is weak. Unvote.
  13. There is literally ZERO chance that Newt would not be in an Aliens game. There would have been a CC by now, as far ahead as Town is, there would be no reason not to counter. Crush train stinks.
  14. Crush is Newt, not lynching him. Would rather shoot for the fourfer on Day One.
  15. Don't want to lynch Ape or Pac, either one. Join us on the Jack train, we have beer.
  16. Want to see what Smash's character is first.
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