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  1. My dad is a lifelong 'Skins fan...feels the same way.  He wanted to see Cousins pretty early into the season but I kept arguing he'd come around.  I still think next year he'll return to form, I love the guy.

    I keep hearing Cowherd talk about how we should trade Cousins for a first round pick. Dude is nuts. Cousins may be the best backup in the NFL.

  2. Fair enough. Though isn't Pac the one that keeps saying "let's see if there's a conversion scene?" My takeaway from that is that it may be a game where the conversions are not announced to the game.


    The post I just bumped from AVM felt like a distancing vote on Smash.

    AVM did claim a very minor, unimportant character. Frost was killed nearly immediately. And if memory serves, he was cocooned and impregnated. Giggity.

  3. If there had been any evidence of a Cult in the game, not gonna lie, I'd be right there with you. But it's all speculation at this point. It fits the flavor, but there's no proof.

    Lynching Pac would be fun. But lynching every single anti-Town player on Day one? That sh*t is the stuff of legends. Would be much more fun.

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