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  1. I'm not even going to waste any energy with this... If you want to use this as the foundation of a case then go for it. While you're at it tell me why I would have been calling my shot if I thought or knew the scene would look different.

    And ask Leelou on thread while you're at it.

    You don't think two Town-aligned DayVigs in the same game would be odd?

  2. Saying he didn't say what? I remember reading Ishy's posts after the kill thinking the same thing. Like ok, 80's most likely vig, NOT confirmed but yeah, for now, I'll roll with those odds...sorta thing.


    Jack said 80 breadcrumbed a Bomb / Watcher role. I said he didn't. Still say he didn't. Guess everyone will have to make their own interpretation of what 80 was saying.....

  3. I'm not seeing the case on Ishy. Is it just because he's quiet? Or something more? He has defeated me as scum, and I wouldn't mind voting him if I saw half a reason. (Yes, women hold grudges. At least this one does.)




    Don't hurt me again babe.














    Okay, maybe just a little.

  4. @CTM Read further down. Ishy said it wasn't remotely true. And it is. Just bumping so he'll respond. He's already looked over it twice.

    And I bumped that time cause ape said what, when I changed my vote. Just making it readily available


    Because I read it as the usual wagging his dick at the scum schtick. Or he could have a BPV. Or any number of things. I swear, you keep throwing these unrealistic role possibilities out there for him. A scum who shot his teammate. A cop with a kill ability. A vig who's also a bomb. Or a Watcher. Dude must be the most roled up player in mafia history. None of it is realistic and for you to keep fearmongering is weaksauce.,

  5. You still ignored the quotes I put up about you. And the post where I quoted 80 breadcrumbing a bomb it other type of negative role if someone where to target him.


    You mean this crap? Thought this was just derp stream of consciousness, but if you'd like my opinion of it, sure.


    I'm still waiting for a couple explanations

    Still waiting to hear back

    Also. I pressured 80 three different times and look who ran to his rescue

    So if he took out a power role we should of speed lynched him? Seems counter productive if he is as he claims.

    That seems odd when I was just questioning his line of logic. If 80 was my top suspect I'd attack him relentlessly


    Yes you pressured someone who killed scum on Day One. Nice job. If my giving him an "attaboy" reads as coming to his rescue, not going to apologize that for that. Where I think we disagree is that you don't seem to understand that 80 shooting Verb early on D1 isn't a scumtell for him. A real scumtell would be if one or the other didn't shoot at the other.


    Secondly, had he shot the Cop or Doc, of course I'd advocate running him up. But he didn't. I only deal in what happened, not what may have happened. Take a big gamble and it pays off, you get kudos from me. Take the same gamble and get burned, you deserve what you get. And no, I see no hypocrisy there.

  6. Are you seriously claiming he's scum....and he shot his own teammate? Or a Cop with a killing ability?

    First you throw out the possibility that he's the Cop, then in the next paragraph you say that he's earned an investigation.....from the Cop. Just throwing ideas around and seeing what will stick?

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