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  1. Followed your cases? I voted JiF day one, before anyone else did for that matter. Granted, I used your back and forth with SMC to build my case, but I did fine on my own thanks very much.

    I voted him Day two after AVM gave us the info, same as you. Again, without your help.

    Voted Basel yesterday after his role reveal was suspect. Yet again, not parroting you, if memory serves, I said he reveal wasn't credible, then you quoted it, saying "This."

    Follow you? Hardly.

  2. I don't think Cindy is scum for reasons I already listed.

    Therefore, at this point the only clear Townies for me are her and myself. Leaving Ape, 80, and Leelou.

    For no other reason than gut, I believe 80 to be the vig, but if he plans on firing blindly he's as big a threat as scum other than being an assett in the numbers game.

    So Ape and Leelou. Time to reread and decide.

  3. I'm still not sold on Basel's reveal though. Every other classic TV role seems to have come from the '50's or '60's if I'm not mistaken. Basel gets a show from the '80's? Don't get me wrong, the Dukes was definitely an epic show but it doesn't fit with the rest of our shows.

    But I'd guess this falls under gaming the mod, so I'll stfu. But not sold on Basel.

  4. So we have a Cop and Vig and they have a RB and a GF? And everyone else is Vanilla?

    If that's the case, why the hell hasn't scum targetted AVM yet?

    Only plausible scenario I can think of is that the remaining scum member is new, has a heart of gold, and maybe a tiny little crush on him. It would break her heart to see him dead. She'll overcome it once she gets a few more games under her belt.

    Sorry kitty. Still love ya.

    Unvote. Vote Cindy.

  5. To be clear, you aren't really playing mafia, you are mostly present while mafia is being played around your posts.

    You've not really taken a position on anything in the game. You are actually playing an uber-clean game.

    You need some Ape interrogation... open your mouth and say, "ahhhhh"


    Vote Cindy

    She prefers "bend over and relax."

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  6. Probably 3 scum and an SK (given back to back nights with 2 kills). Possible there is a Vig, given the targets, but the existence of a Vig means 4 scum. Either way, we're dealing with 2 more non-town for sure.

    Just something else to consider, in AVM's second scenario, a mislynch today means game over. If there is a vig, and we mislynch, I'm hoping he/she will holster tonight to avoid hitting town and giving us another day.

    And yeah, if I bow out today, it's a mislynch.

    If there's an SK, then we're definitely done, obviously they won't holster. So scum or the SK needs to be our target. I still think Basel is the way to go, he's not this quiet in DM games, he's laying low to avoid notice. Betting he's our serial killer.

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