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  1. You explanations are somewhat rational.

    However, I'm not lying... and that is where you lose me.

    I've counted one lie so far. You said you didn't follow me, and the proof IN THREAD shows that you did.

    I've nailed you for "get behind the Ape" when you are scum in the past. Others who have witnessed it will have to vet that claim, because you saying it's a lie is about as reliable as me saying it isn't. You are basically saying I'm lying to the noobs, which is a lie in and of itself. You are just creating a scenario where they have to make an uninformed choice between which of us they think is lying about things from past games.

    What I find telling about your play is that you are trying to convince people I am lying... but you aren't trying to convince people I'm scum. It's like you are keeping a caveat in your OMGUS attack on me, to ensure you can talk your way out of being wrong later. The old blame me for playing badly and getting myself lynched routine.

    I was not pinging you at all before I noticed you drafting off my casing and voted you. Then you immediately abandoned all suspicion of others and voted me, and began the OMGUS. Not sure what conclusion you'd expect me to reach as a result.

    The bolded is exactly the point I was trying to make. You're allowing yourself an out JiF, regardless of how either of them would have flipped, you could convince the rest of us that "whoops, but that's how they always play," knowing we wouldn't know any better.

    And the piggybacking was blatant, don't need to know anyone's meta to see that, you telegraphed it.

  2. Reread recap:

    So and so always does this, this guy always does that, etc.

    I don't know any of you, so all this meta b.s. is pointless to me and means nothing. All I've seen that I can use is McClain and SMC went at each other with what looks to me as town on town action. Generated a lot of conversation, with both of them making logical points. But two were quick to capitalize on a situation that would have made it easy for scum to slip in and manipulate the lynch of either Ape or SMC, riding the fence and stay safe. They (AVM and JiF) were pretty vocal at fos'ing and voting both, allowing an easy out for themselves depending on which way the wind was blowing at any particular point. Pretty sure one or both is scum.

    Unvote. Vote JiF.

    Thinking Hatter is scum too.

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