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  1. Thoughts on the players.

    I think JC and AVM are the scum team. Been distancing from each other the whole game and AVM's hammer on Despo in spite of JN's policy of letting first timers live through Day One is as obvious a scum move as there is.

    Verb not being around at all isn't helping either. Chrissy finally showing up makes me doubt her a little less, but she needs to speak up.

    You, Cindy, and I are Town, that I'm sure of. You for more obvious reasons of course.

    That's my reads.

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  2. I'm not going after an easy lynch. I'm trying to get people to talk.

    You sat at L-2 for some time and then L-1 and didn't show back up until you were in the clear.

    So did Despo. So did Hatter. What do you expect me to say in a game where 90% of us are Vanilla?

    I'm Vanilla Town. Don't lynch me. Anything else I can add?

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