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  1. Screw it, let's see what this does.

    Investigated Crusher, he's Town. Investigated Pac, no result. Doubt anyone would roleblock a newbie like me, so what's up with Pac?

    Unvote. Vote Pac.

    Kinda makes Apes mention of Pac and Wom going back and forth a little more interesting. Distancing? This guy thinks so. Wom next.

  2. Before you start counting sheep would you care to add anything game related?

    I've played with Ape once or twice on DM and the meltdown is very out of character for him. I know I don't know him as well as you guys do, but it's something I would never expect to see based on the, admittedly very little, I know of him. The few times I played with him, and in a game he modded, he struck me as uber-competitive. Throwing in the towel is just the last thing I ever expected to see. Legit or not? Dunno. If it is, hope everything works out. If not, kinda messed up. But as I said, I don't know him like y'all do.

    Also, agree with Chrissy concerning JiF. The uncertainty surrounding a half ass reveal is a distraction and keeps us focused on an issue that could easily be cleared up to let us move on to other things. Not calling for a reveal at night, but in the morning.

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