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  1. whoaaaa.... quite the aggressive 10th post.

    Any thoughts on the game so far or you just interested in launching unnecessary attacks? What are you drinking Sulu?

    Just wading through the spam, catching up. And that wasn't a crack, it was teh spam that brought me here.

    As far as thoughts, I don't have the benefit of the meta y'all have on each other, so still thinking. Digging Hess's avatar, I know that much.

    Don't see the case on Wom, but he's Wom so if everyone wants to kill him I'm down.

  2. Yes I am 14.

    I am scared that Pac is doing a background search on me.

    Love the Spidey jokes.

    And I was about to write Socrates for my homework and i wrote Pac instead of Socrates, don't know what that means.

    Means you've got a mancrush obviously.

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