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  1. So, the baby had a belly ache all night - it manifested in doodie explosion this morning - but she had us up 4-5 times. It's usually twice per night.

    In between all that, my dog fell down the stairs at one point, waking us up a 6th time, I rolled over onto the remote and turned on the tv and somehow managed to crank the volume to 37, that was waking up a 7th time, and then my wife smashed her toe on the baby swing after she'd gotten up to pee, waking us up an 8th time...


    We're a friggin mess right now.

    Enjoy it while it lasts man, they grow up way too fast, and they're so much fun at that age. I was lucky enough to have two, but I lost my boy last year to lukemia. Don't take it for granted and relish every minute.

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