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  1. I don't know this was a pretty pathetic display.. what about me being scum and having the coin on N1 made any kind of sense??? I laid out the scenario in depth and thought I was the closest thing to vetted we had.

    Not sure what about my play said scum but more power to you.

    I was pretty sure of you, CTM, and Verb fwiw. Only sure Town reads I had.

  2. Shot Pac. If they shoot me tonight, kill Lily then 80. Also possible it could be Ishy and the Ape. Or the Ape and Crusher. Or Crusher and Ishy.

    Could also be Ishy, Lily, and Ape and I could be completely wrong. Or 80, Lily, Ape.

    Either way...either I shot scum or the game is over because I shot Pac. Regardless I win.

    ^^Scum. And I cleared him days ago. I'm an idiot.

  3. I just searched "final vote count" and saw you weren't on Nolderp's train. I thought you were the voter after CTM and before 80. It was Lily.

    I made a mistake. I wasn't even posting when that all went down.

    You know me well enough that regardless of my alignment I don't need to tell sloppy lies to influence town to go this way or that. It was an honest mistake.

    You make a mistake, while I lie.


  4. Today, when it looks like he may actually be the lynch?

    Or before today, when it would be customary to place distancing votes on a teammate?

    To place a distancing vote, we'd have to actually be teammates. Which I couldn't tell you if we are or not, since I don't know who my teammates are. I do think he and I are on the same team, as I've read Archie Bunker as Town the entire game.

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