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  1. Pac and AVM were the ones that got behind my logic, after arguing against it at first, and made it happen. They played both sides of the situation.

    Lily protested the verb lynch.

    Your facts seem to be way off, in a convenient sort of way. Thank you for justifying my FOS.

    Weird, because I seem to recall AVM patiently and logically weighing the pros and cons of lynching Verb before he ultimately decided not to. And Lily was quick to jump on the Verb train and only unvoted when called out on the scumminess of her vote. By me.

    Cool story though bro.

  2. I'm willing to Ishy or Pac today as well. CTM too, because of the grandstanding - I don't even care if he's town - I don't respect that style of play, where you let sh*t happen and then piss and moan about it.

    Nope, read CTM, Pac and AVM as Town. Their thoughts on the stupidity of lynching Verb line up with mine, to a greater or lesser extent.

    You, Nolder, Smash, Lily. I'd string up any of you happily.

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