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  1. As for your other observations, they align with what I've pointed out previously... Leelou and Ishy seem to be focused on easy targets, or piling on momentum.

    I voted AVM first for lulz, and only cast one meaningful vote on Pac, based on a theory you threw out and were the only other vote. So where's all this momentum I'm piling onto?

    Cool story bro.

  2. Also, I'm waiting to hammer precisely because I don't want the Lyncher to get a free/easy win. I don't like the role in this game, but I can't do anything about that except try and beat them to the hammer and pray they didn't start the train.

    Meh, I guess I'm not going to completely ignore the role after all, heh.

    Of course you won't ignore it. Because, lyncher.

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