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  1. IMO, the great athlete, scrambling type QBs are always great out of the box. Eventually he’s going to get hurt, either a leg or concussion and then we’ll see how good he really is. Running QBs dont last in the NFL, eventually he will have to transform himself into more of a pocket passer. We’ll see if he can do it when theres no more threat of the run on every play.
  2. I dont agree with that. Their entire history involves relentless cheating. From videoing teams walkthroughs and games whenever possible, bugging opposing teams lockerrooms, jamming headsets, Increasing capabilities of their own headsets, deflating footballs too make them easier to catch and not fumble on a cold day, etc...
  3. Once a cheater always a cheater, nothings changed. Ernie Adams is and will always be the Pats MVP.
  4. Chase Young hasnt done shlt in this game
  5. If poor Chad wasnt so injury prone who knows what wouldve happened.
  6. Another: WALSH: CHAD’S A CHAMP – JETS QB EVOKES MONTANA MEMORIES By Mark Cannizzaro January 9, 2003 | 5:00am In Chad they trust. This is the Jets’ mantra as they brace themselves for a wild ride in Oakland against the Raiders in Sunday’s divisional playoff with a ticket to the AFC Championship game at stake. The Jets’ Super Bowl dreams are cradled in the right arm of Chad Pennington, the wunderkind 26-year-old quarterbacking revelation whom the Jets – almost unknowingly – unearthed out of desperation 14 mercurial weeks ago with their season on the brink of complete embarrassment and unrest. Pennington has been so good – both his performance and the cool way he handles himself – he has evoked recollections of Joe Montana. Those comparisons aren’t so absurd, according to offensive innovator and quarterback guru Bill Walsh, who yesterday gave Pennington an emphatic stamp of approval. “In speaking about Chad, he is the real thing and he will be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL,” Walsh said last night. “He’ll take off next year where he started this year. He has great touch, he’s very accurate, he has poise and presence, and has mobility. “They talk about a weak arm, but I don’t see a weak arm. I see an arm perfectly suited for the NFL. He can drop a ball over a linebacker’s head to a receiver and he can throw the ball down the field and let his receiver run under it.” Asked if he sees similarities in Pennington’s game to Montana’s, Walsh said, “It’s awfully hard to relate an all-time great player with a young player, but you certainly see performances like Joe’s, and if they were to continue for years to come he could be considered on the same level.” Walsh said the 49ers “gave serious consideration” to drafting Pennington in 2000, but they already had Jeff Garcia and were unable to pull the trigger. “He was very difficult to pass up,” Walsh said. Asked what makes him so sure Pennington isn’t a flash in the pan, Walsh said, “When you see it, you see it’s there.” “You’d have to think that he will have great years,” Walsh went on. “I’m not sure you’ll see same the rating from him year after year; this year’s rating (104.2 overall) is abnormally high. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be All-Pro or in the Pro Bowl every year and take his team to the NFL championship.” Music to the ears of all Jets’ fans. Since being named the starter after the Jets’ game-four loss to the Jaguars in Jacksonville, and including last week’s playoff game, Pennington has started 13 games and won nine. In his 13 starts, Pennington has completed 277 of 381 passes (72.7 percent) for 3,029 yards, 25 TDs, 4 INTs and an off-the-charts efficiency rating of 113.3. To compare, Steve Young and Montana are Nos. 1 and 2 on the NFL’s all-time list for highest rating for a season at 112.8 and 112.4, respectively. The NFL record for highest completion percentage in a season is 70.55 by Ken Anderson, followed by 70.33 by Sammy Baugh and 70.28 by Young, all some two points fewer than Pennington’s 72.7 percent. “Joe made his career; Chad still has to make it,” Herman Edwards said. “Chad is like a piece of clay right now. But the thing I see that both of them have is, when they walk into the huddle, they make people believe in them. That’s what all the great quarterbacks do.” Pennington was taken aback, but flattered by the Montana comparisons. “He’s a Hall of Famer and I’m a third-year player just trying to win another playoff game,” Pennington said. “If I’m going to be compared to someone I would love to be compared to Joe Montana, because he’s a guy that is the epitome of what being a quarterback is all about.”
  7. One of many... TWO OF A KIND: EX-NINERS CALL PENNINGTON A YOUNG MONTANA By Andrew Marchand November 28, 2003 | 5:00am It was just a 15-minute conversation on football, but when it was over ex-49er Brent Jones almost felt as if he’d spoken to Joe Montana instead of the Jets’ Chad Pennington. “It was eerie talking to Chad,” said Jones, who had the conversation with Pennington before broadcasting the Jets-Raiders game for CBS a few weeks back. “I just felt like there were distinct similarities in their personalities. Just kind of that fun-loving, love to play the game and a quiet intensity to be the best. I kind of got that from him. “Even some of his body language reminded me of Joe; that was kind of weird for me. Joe Montana is the best player to ever play football. To put that on a young kid is a lot of pressure, but I see it. I absolutely believe that Chad Pennington is going to be the next big star in the NFL.” Jones is hesitant to “brand” guys, the “next this” or the “next that.” He said he was “skeptical” until he talked to Pennington and watched him live. It is Pennington’s easy demeanor that sticks out. “Joe was so cool about it,” another ex-49er now with CBS, Randy Cross, said. “Joe looked so detached. You noticed it playing with him. You noticed it on tape. You noticed it after you retired. He was the closest thing to a surgeon approach. A guy like Chad takes a very similar approach. “He and Tom Brady have whatever ‘it’ is – Joe had ‘it’ in buckets – and they seem to have it too,” Cross added. “It is not so much what they do on the field. It is not the effect of what they do on the field or their stats. It is more the effect they have on the guys they play with.” Pennington isn’t Montana yet, of course. However, the year-old comparisons are inevitable, even if they are premature. “Absolutely, but that doesn’t prevent it from happening,” Cross said. “But anyone who displays these kind of traits, that is the natural comparison. You aren’t going to say Ken O’Brien.”
  8. Just an FYI, in 2002, Chad Pennington was being called the next Joe Montana by people around the NFL... shlt happens
  9. Are the Benglas a new franchise?

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