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  1. If they are a consistent winner and win a SB in these we will love em... If they suck balls for the next decade we will all hate them.
  2. My favorite Jet when I was little. They broke my heart when they let him leave
  3. Francesa actually makes a good point here. It makes sense. He blames Macc getting fired on Leveon Bell not coming to the voluntary workouts. Gase couldve went right to Johnson after that saying he didnt even want the guy and now he doesnt even come to the minicamp.
  4. Another embarassing one, Il Mostro had many. Scarlet H for u
  5. This is a real winner, you get a Scarlet H
  6. CrazyCarl is the undisputed heavyweight Champ of this thread and all things Hack and Osweiler. And all those that argued relentlessly and ridiculously should have a Scarlet H burned onto their foreheads forever
  7. Damn, looking back really shows that maybe you had the trouble rubbing 2 brain cells together, CrazyCarl had it nailed, you guys arguing and getting nasty look like complete idiots. Jus sayin
  8. CrazyCarl showed he aint crazy at all. Nailed it!
  9. Damn, does JetBlue even show his face around here anymore? He was fighting tooth and nail for the great Hackenburg. I would delete all of my accounts

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