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  1. Guys like u lookin pretty dumb today
  2. Actually you're wrong, back in the Darnold/Baker Senior Bowl, Mike White had the best game of any of the QBs and back then I was saying no matter who we draft in the firt round we should make sure to get Mike White. There were alot of people that watched that game and thought the same thing. I was very excited to hear we ended up with him after the Cowboys drafted him. Obviously, I was as surprised as anyone how awesome he's been so far, but he showed this poise back then.
  3. You have to admit that in the first 2 games "in a new system," he was almost invisible. It could happen to anyone. The last two games its been great to see him really settle in and play like himself.
  4. He was actually almost invisible in the first 2 games, which is understandable in a new defense. Glad to see him turn it around the last couple of weeks. He's now settled in and making impact plays, thank God.
  5. You lost me here, Mosely was brutal, he was constantly caught out of position and missed many tackles. He had me missing Neville Hewitt.
  6. A team is finally doing something that Jets couldn’t do, protect him from Adam Gase. Fixed
  7. I remember some insane Jetsinsider fights with DWC in the middle of it all like 20 years ago. His JI fights and bannings were legendary. I dont remember the particulars, I hope maybe an old JI guy could stop by and fill us in on him and Green Jets and Ham and the rest of the JI crazies from back in the day. [emoji41]
  8. Get ready, Jamal will go play for Belichick on the cheap kick our ass and win some SB's
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