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  1. Red2111


    lady of the lounge *edges away* is that like a roast or soemthing *goes and hides*
  2. well so far as i know i have no helathcare and don't llive in a gated community so i can assure you i'm not a convict seriosuly though, dont' knock it till you try it. unless you got a better idea for a base for chili.
  3. applebees has pretty good wings, as well as Buffelo Wild Wings edit - actual buffelo is really good. alot more lean than beef but just as good tasting in sauces
  4. not just chicken fried wing goodness slathered in Honey BBQ goodness and dipped liberally in ranch dressing. by george man, have you no pallet?!
  5. so how do you guys cook your chili?
  6. not to pat my own back much, but i just made the most ass kicking chili ever!! ofcourse its not my normal gem of noxious gas producing stick to your bones grub, but its ranking up there. only downfalls this time, not much heat and its a wee bit soupy. nothing that can't be solved with some rice, crackers and tabasco sauce okay so down to the nitty gritty of this kickin kitty, heres whatcha need to cook it; prep time is about 30 mins, cook time is atleast 4 hrs, but it gets better the longer you cook it. Ingerdients - 5 Qt Crockpot with low cook feature. - 1 lb of hamburger - 1 Kilbasa Polish Sausage (chut up in bite sized chunks) - 1 can/jar of mushroom & green pepper spagetti sauce - 1 medium Yellow Onion (diced & raw) - 1 Can Chili made ready tomatos - 1 Can Rotell Chili Pepper and Tomato - 1 Can Black Beans (drained & washed) - 1 Can Light Kidney Beans (drained & washed) - 1 Can Dark Kidney Beans (drained & washed) - Spices: Paprika, Cumin, Chili Powder, Garlic Salt addition ingredients to set this beast off the chain - Various assortment of Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Chipotle Tabasco Sauce Steps to yummy goodness 1 - plug int he crock pot and turn it on low. 2 - add in Spagetti Sauce, diced onion, 3 bean variety, & Kilbasa; give it a stir to mix everythign together. 3 - drain both tomato cans into the spagetti jar, swirl aroudn the jar to get remaining spagetti sauce out of the container and add juice and both cans of tomato to the pot. 4 - stir well and put the lid on it. 5 - brown your hamburger; while browning season hamburger with above recomended seasonings liberally. 6 - once hamburger is cooked, drain and then add to the crockpot. 7 - once again, stir well to incoorperate all ingredients. 8 - replace lid and let sit/cook on low 4-6 hrs. 9 - taste and add more seasons if needed. * it you want it thicker, add in some tomato paste after its cooked for 4 hrs. * if you want it thinner, add in a can of condensed tomato soup. * for an extra kick, add in a pinch or two of Cyanne Powder while browning the hamburger.
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