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  1. Panthers don't have a good offensive line. So if you're counting on that to fix Darnold, you're in for a rude awakening.
  2. Right tackle and right guard basically make the same amount of money in the NFL. Why wouldn't he play right guard? I'd rather have Moses at right guard with Fant at right tackle over Lewis/Roten at RG and Moses at RT.
  3. You seriously going to bring up MiLB which has an antitrust exemption and is known for having pay issues with MiLB? That's a terrible argument, cause the MiLB guys are getting ****ed so should the NCAA football players? Nah man, you can't honestly sit here and tell me the rules are fair when you have CFB coaches making more money then NFL coaches. Plus, who cares about some crappy communications degrees the players are getting where they just have tutors do all their homework for them. Sh*t's a scam, and based off the courts rulings the NCAA is ****ed.
  4. Doubtful, Herbert has it. The guy came in and started with a shortened offseason and no preseason, and then proceeded to put up the best rookie year ever. If you're going to give his coaches props, it should be John Beck who was his private qb coach leading up to the draft. Should bode well for Wilson since he's been his private qb coach too since his time in college.
  5. Yeah, he got whooped on in the Oregon Pac 12 championship game. To be fair though, he was playing out of position at LT while also playing through an injured hamstring. USC would end up sitting out the Bowl game because all their top players wouldn't have been able to play, including AVT, which points to it being more then your standard minor nagging injury so not to surprising he got beat up on.
  6. We'll see. If you put any stock into PFF, they're extremely high on him giving him an 86.9 grade. The guy had 945 yard in only 12 games played last year. And this was in a run 1st offense where he played 2nd fiddle to AJ Brown who was getting most of the touches.
  7. Honestly? I'd be really surprised. Wilson just oozes so much talent that I think even if he never ends up hitting his ceiling he ends up a Garoppolo/Carr/Mayfield esque qb. Him being a bust for reasons other then injury would be pretty surprising for me.
  8. Joyner had his best seasons as a free safety. He fell apart when the Raiders tried to play him at cornerback. Maye showed he can thrive last year playing a Jamal Adams role, so he's the strong safety. Not really surprising since Joyner has been a pretty good free safety over the course of his career.
  9. If Vera Tucker is playing left tackle we have issues. Watch the Oregon game where he was beat up on by the Oregon kids. He's strictly a guard/right tackle. Honestly his versatility is pretty overrated, Jenkins can play guard/right tackle too. Still not a fan of the trade up, really would have preferred us to take Jenkins or Darrisaw at 23 and another lineman in the 3rd.
  10. Justin Herbert just won rookie of the year with no preseason and a shortened training camp, putting up the best rookie season for a qb ever. Sitting is overrated, Josh Allen sat for one game before he was thrust into the starting role and he was raw as hell.
  11. He's talking Jarrad Davis from the Lions my guy
  12. Dolphins traded away a first for a wr who might not even be better then Smith. That was absolutely the worst trade of the draft, and I wasn't even a fan of the trade up for AVT.
  13. Eagles stealing a first round pick from Miami and still getting Smith is up there. What an absolute **** up by Miami, trading away a first when they still could have gotten Smith.
  14. If you use the guy's tool, Teven Jenkins scores a 9.97 at guard. I'll trust Douglas, but really not liking the trade up when Jenkins was there at 23.
  15. Everyone's floor projections are way too high. That's a lot of disrespect coming Smiths and Herbert's way by saying that they're the floor of these guys. You're selling Herbert short, he's had the greatest rookie season ever for a qb. 31 td to 10 ints on the worst offensive line in the league. Luck's rookie year he had 23 tds to 18 ints. Saying that's Lawrence's floor is crazy talk and unrealistic expectations for him.
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