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  1. He's extremely overrated, watch the injury compilation I linked, the guy got hurt sliding, no one touched him, he got hurt sliding. That, along with his injury history, tells you everything you need to know about his durability. Best case, he's Sam Bradford 2.0. As for the player ignoring injury history, he played on a team that made Mac Jones, the guy that came in for Tua when he busted his hip, have one of the highest passer ratings in the nation, higher then guys like Lawrence, Fields, etc. He's overrated as all hell. He's got a, at best, average arm, and his elusiveness is overrated, he's probably a 4.7 at best, more like 4.8 guy. He's one of the most overrated qbs I have ever seen in a long time. Not to mention you have rumors about this guys intelligence, what with his 13 wonderlic (got a 19 on a retake), and rumors about Alabama having to dumb down the offense for him. Be glad Dolphins took him instead of Herbert.
  2. No they don't. The Patriots and Dolphins do. Patriots might have a great defense, but there offense is garbage. Patriots also lost some players on there defense, and there offense is still terrible without Brady to mask the offenses short comings. Honestly, Patriots will be picking in the top 10 in this draft, maybe top 5 with there schedule. Hope they don't suck enough that they end up with Lawrence. Dolphins are switching offenses and while they have good wr's, there offensive line is still terrible. There defense also was ranked as the worst defense in the NFL last year. Dolphins are a bad team that over performed, partly due to having an extremely easy schedule. Bills will win the AFC East, they have a pretty good roster and Allen is serviceable. All in all, Bills win the division (assuming Josh Allen doesn't sh*t the bed), Jets probably place 2nd (assuming, again, that Darnold doesn't sh*t the bed), Patriots 3rd, and Dolphins last.
  3. All in all great draft. I think Tua is a bust (Sam Bradford 2.0) and Herbert is going to be a franchise qb, so I'm enjoying the hell out of the Dolphins passing on Herbert for Tua. Sh*t is even funnier when you realize that Nick Saban is going to **** over the Dolphins again. Also, really wanted Becton, so very happy with this draft.
  4. Seems like a nice guy, still think he's the next Sam Bradford and hope that the Dolphins draft him over Herbert.
  5. The Jets last season had one of the easiest strength of schedules out of all the NFL teams. They jump to second hardest this year.
  6. Trevor Lawrence is the most hyped up qb since Andrew Luck. Personally, I'm a strong Darnold doubter and hoping that we do bad enough to draft him, not another 5-11 or 6-10 bullsh*t season.
  7. We rebuilt the middle, still need a left and right tackle unless you seriously plan on telling me that Edoga is a quality starter?
  8. Ah yes, the renowned George Fant. Who had the honor of playing backup offensive line for the Seahawks, who are also renowned for there stellar o-line play.
  9. Are we trying to tank for Lawrence? No corners, no o-line, no wrs. Either Douglas is betting on nailing every pick of the draft or he is straight up planning on tanking next season.
  10. TBH, they both suck right now, but at least Allen can run. He's pretty much a young rawer version of Cam Newton. The bigger question is with the Jets having one of the hardest sos this year, while one of the easiest sos last year, do we end up drafting a qb if we end up picking top 5, potentially even picking #1?

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