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  1. Meh, it's been what 5 games? And people are already taking victory laps calling Wilson a bust? Love to see what they said about Mahomes when he was riding the bench his first season or Josh Allen when he looked like crap his first couple of years.
  2. In regards to Fant, he's actually been rated as one of the best LT's in the NFL so far for the opening of the season. We really should have played Moses at right guard over Roten like I've been saying. Probably also should have drafted Wirfs based off how well Fant's been doing as a LT, but that's another point entirely.
  3. For real, have no idea how anyone can take the side of this genius coaching staff that is coaching one of the most inept offenses out there in the NFL right now over our highly drafted wr. This offense has been widely criticized and it's only been three weeks. Lafleur is in over his head.
  4. You know Tannebaum was telling the Dolphins to draft Herbert over Tua.
  5. Good, free Mims. Coaching staff obviously doesn't know wtf they're doing. Send him to a team that actually knows how to use their players.
  6. I could see them doing that. They've talked a lot about earning the wr spot and I can easily see them giving the jobs to the hardest workers over the better players. There's literally no reason why Berrios should be out their starting over Mims. Literally, stick Moore in the slot, he has so far been invisible on the outside and has shown no reason why he should be playing outside when he's 5 ft 8. Put him in the slot instead of forcing him as an outside receiver.
  7. Well, we'll finally get the pass rusher everyone has been clamoring for in Thibodeaux. Cause this team looks like the worst team in the league.
  8. Man, Georgia really likes these weak armed, unathletic qbs.
  9. No he doesn't. Fields, Jones, and Wilson have all looked better then Lawrence has. You're just going off draft hype and rolling out the excuses for Lawrence. Don't fall for the media hype, Lawrence wasn't a generational prospect. Zach Wilson was a better prospect then he was. Better release, better arm, better accuracy, etc. Wilson should've went #1.
  10. Well it's a rebuilding year anyway. Time to get excited about the 2022 draft class sigh.
  11. Jimmy G during the season when the 49ers went to the Superbowl.
  12. Didn't watch the entire practice, but seems like the defense had a good day. No receivers are open on that play. If that's how the defense was playing all day people are really overreacting.
  13. That's a dumb threat. No way Jerry let's it happen. More believable one would be threatening to move to Toronto. But based off Pegula's cheap ass they wouldn't do that either because it wouldn't be tax payer funded.
  14. Panthers don't have a good offensive line. So if you're counting on that to fix Darnold, you're in for a rude awakening.
  15. Right tackle and right guard basically make the same amount of money in the NFL. Why wouldn't he play right guard? I'd rather have Moses at right guard with Fant at right tackle over Lewis/Roten at RG and Moses at RT.
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