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  1. My analysis: Guy has a big forehead, Frank Gore has a big forehead too, so I'm expecting this guy to be great.
  2. Rbs rarely get 20-25 carries a season now. Plus, you don't want to run your rb into the ground anyway.
  3. People crying about JJ when wrs are flying off the board and teams are straight up trading there first rounders for other wrs currently in the league. This board dumb as hell.
  4. You can't seriously be bringing up 3 cone time to hype up Johnson when the dude didn't even run it? Dude knew he'd run a sh*t time and purposely didn't test on it.
  5. **** it, if this is how JD plans on drafting, trade away all those picks for Deebo cause he sure as sh*t can't draft.
  6. Fast, headcase wr for peanuts? This has Chiefs written all over it.
  7. I like Simms, but this is a terrible list. Garrett Wilson is really good and is going to make him look bad. Olave too, both those guys barring injury will be at very least solid receivers barring injury.
  8. Just take a wr at 10, good shot no one grabs a wr before 10, so we'd have first pick anyway and then if a guy like Burks falls to us at 35 we can also double up and grab him.
  9. If they don't draft a qb this year that saves their asses, they're gone. They're absolutely going to draft a qb this year, they're on the hot seat and know it, only way they save themselves is by a rookie qb showing promise.
  10. Absolutely not. Thib/Walker at 4 and Sauce/Stingley at 10, then trade up in the first from our 2nd rounders and grab Williams or hope Burks falls to us in the 2nd is what I'd do.
  11. They have two 2nd round picks and there's like 5 first round caliber wrs. They can easily trade up for a guy in the late first like Williams or Burks.
  12. If Douglas is at bad at drafting as you say he is, trading for Tyreek wouldn't have mattered and this team would still be rebuilding except we'd have a 30-year-old Tyreek on a huge ass contract. If Douglas is the genius GM people to make him out to be, I want him making those picks and building a contender with them. If he sucks at drafting, I still want him making those picks so we can fire his ass sooner instead of doing what Macc did and going out and buying overpriced veterans to get a decent season. Also, I don't care about covering Hill and Waddle because Tua is their guy. As long as he's the qb for the Dolphins, he'll hold them back like Jimmy G did the 49ers (and Tua isn't even as good as Jimmy G is right now). Weird you focus on the Dolphins when they haven't won sh*t lately and are still in the cellar with us while the Bills are running sh*t right now. Browns, Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Ravens, Bengals, Bills all have elite franchise qbs, with the Colts, and Raiders having really good ones. Titans also got a really good team along with an okay qb. AFC is mad competitive, the last thing I'm worried about are what the Dolphins are doing with Tua.
  13. No, it's not, awful is what the Eagles were rolling out with Hurts as qb, who still ended up making the playoffs. Wilson played like sh*t last year making the wrs look worse then they were. Davis damn near put up 1000 yards when he was on the Titans, only to have a major setback once he signed with the Jets. Did you forget how the rest of the qbs looked when Wilson was out? Mike White was literally seen as a possible franchise qb by you idiots last year for the few games he played. Do you honestly think White carried this team or was it the other way around? ******* Davis Mills and Mac Jones looked better then Wilson did with a much worse wr core. Tyreek Hill was drafted in the 5th round.
  14. This wr core isn't bad. If Wilson can't grow with this wr corps he'd have never been a top guy in the league anyway and we should move on. And this is coming from someone who had Wilson as his #1 qb in the 2021 draft class. Besides, they'll most likely draft guys in this wr class and it's pretty deep.
  15. 35 and 38 are not chump change. Elijah Moore was drafted with the 34th pick for all you mouth breathers out there. This team sucks right now, and Tyreek Hill is a 28-year-old receiver whose game relies on speed. Our defense was ranked last in the league by DVOA. Trading away assets right now on older players to try and compete with the monsters in the AFC is not a recipe for success. This team needs to draft well and slowly rebuild while Wilson, hopefully gets more experienced and grows at the QB position.
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