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  1. Yeah one thing about the Bills is that he has a much better coaching staff than what Darnold has on the Jets. His offense is pretty horrendous outside of McCoy, but he has a much more capable oc & hc. Jets really should have kept Morton. Now Darnold is going to have to learn a whole new offense. My only hope is that his confidence isn't shot from dealing with the terrible coaches on the Jets.
  2. Actually he wouldn't. The Bills have less talent on offense then the Jets do. Allen is really impressive, assuming his team gets him an o-line and some play makers over the next years, and he continues making the progressions he did this offseason, he's going to be really good.
  3. artemusclyde

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    Watch us give Bell $20 million while the Redskins pick up Hunt for pennies on the dollar.
  4. As someone who's favorite qb in the draft was Allen, no way in hell does this team draft Allen over Darnold. Bowles is coaching for his job right now, and most people viewed Allen as needing a year on the bench like Mahomes.
  5. artemusclyde

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    Yeah, no. This game was on Darnold and the defense. All our drives were carried by our running game and screen game. Darnold made bonehead picks and was hesitant to throw it downfield, along with having accuracy issues. More importantly though, what the hell happened to Darnold's arm strength? Baker's arm looked a hell of a lot stronger out there.
  6. Based off how he's been playing so far, he's the week 1 starter. Told you guys he'd be good, looked a hell of a lot better then Mayfield.
  7. artemusclyde

    Josh McCown: NFL Films

    I'm pretty sure he's our future qb coach considering Bates is doing double duties as the oc and qb coach. Probably saving a job for him when he retires.
  8. Here's a fun analysis if you don't feel like reading.
  9. Problem is the guys arm strength isn't that great. He lacks the arm of a Lamar, Darnold, Allen or heck even Mayfield.
  10. They'll both be good. The qb that busts will be Mayfield. Rosen is pretty limited because of his arm talent/speed so it will be interesting to see how he does with that. Maybe he'll get a stronger arm in the weight room though.
  11. artemusclyde

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    St. Brown still hasn't been picked?
  12. artemusclyde

    Thank You NY Giants

    Thank the Browns, them not drafting Darnold created a pretty crazy situation overall for the draft. Darnold was pissed that the Browns passed on him, guy even showed up with a brown tie expecting to be the #1 overall pick. Rosen was also pissed that he fell that low, really think he was expecting us to draft him. Crazy how it all played out though. Sucks for Browns fans, drafting a midget from an air raid offense #1 overall is probably the worst thing you could do.
  13. 6 ft air raid qbs generally don't adjust well to the NFL. But we'll see, I've consistently sh*t on Baker throughout the offseason, the Browns drafting him only makes me feel more confident.
  14. Good for Lamar, he's a good qb and will be a better qb then ******* Baker Mayfield lmao. People comp Mayfield to Wilson, but if your going to make that comparison Lamar is more like him then Mayfield is.
  15. He can throw accurately, need to correct his base and footwork, but his talent is too good to pass on him for these later teams. He doesn't need to be that accurate either since the kid is so fast.

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