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  1. It's not like he had a bunch of teams banging down his door offering him a hc spot. He would have taken any hc spot he could get after the failures in Miami.
  2. We drafted Polite at olb. I'd rather have Polite in the 3rd round than Josh Allen at the 3rd overall pick. Remember, Polite was considered a 1st round pick before he dirty bulked at the combine and choked in his interviews.
  3. I mean Goodell announced him as a nose tackle, so I assume that's where we're playing him/the Jets envision him playing.
  4. Nah, when we drafted Quinnen we announced him as a nose tackle. Anderson and Leo will play edges with Quinnen in the middle.
  5. Wouldn't have been ideal either. At least with Quinnen we can play him at nose and keep our best players in Anderson, Leo, and Quinnen on the field. With Oliver, one of them is riding the bench. We really needed Bosa to fall to us, cause that would have been ideal. Also, we better play a 3-4 cause Polite is a 3-4 olb. Switching to a 4-3 makes zero sense with our players.
  6. I will say this, Rosen is in an extremely good situation in Miami. That coaching staff is who we should have hired instead of Gase. Flores is a good defensive mind, but focusing on the offense, Miami has the guy who was McDaniel's right hand man, and was the next oc in line if McDaniels ever left the Patriots as their new offensive coordinator. To add onto that, they added Jim Caldwell as qb coach who coached Manning, Flacco, and Stafford to some of their best seasons as qbs. Just take this article for example. Bolded the areas that comment on Caldwell's statistical effect on qbs. If Rosen fails in Miami, he was always going to bust cause that's a damn good situation he's in.
  7. Not really, Phins OC was the heir apparent to McDaniels as oc.
  8. Man, Cardinals are dumb. Should have fired Keim, him drafting Murray is purely to save his own ass betting on a mobile qb being able to survive behind his porous offensive line. All said and done, Rosen will be better than Murray. Murray will have more initial success though like RG3.
  9. Strongly doubt that, next year he'll probably get more interviews. Whether he'll accept them is another thing entirely. Rhule seems to be on the path to end up at a blue blood college, which, will likely end up with him staying there forever since those blue blood coaches tend to never leave assuming they have success at the program.
  10. The only good thing about this hire is that once the train wreck is over, both Mac and Gase will be fired. None of this hold over gm/head coach should happen, but then again this is the Jets.
  11. You have got to be ******* kidding me. We missed out on a coach cause of ******* Mac? What has this dumbass done to have any sort of power in dictating coaching hires? Fire this whole team into the sun.
  12. This team is ******* retarded. Lol at all you idiots thinking the other Johnson would change anything. Incompetence from the bottom to the top, ******* sell this team
  13. Doubt it, offensive coaches are all the rage right now. More likely they give it to Leftwich assuming the Bucs offense continues to be a high scoring offense and he doesn't get poached by some other team.
  14. It's 2019 old man, get with the times. Ladyboys are the future now.
  15. Good his defenses in Green Bay were trash, and despite being a so called qb whisperer the only qb he seems to have developed is Aaron Rodgers, a HOF who probably would've been a HOF without McCarthy. Not to mention how much his offenses sucked when Rodgers went down and how talent starved his teams have been. Seems to me like he was carried by Rodgers.

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