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  1. No way Miami signs him, not with that huge cuban population. You guys are forgetting that Kaepernick wore a Fidel Castro shirt and spouted out crap like how Castro improved the literacy rate in Cuba. No way in hell would that fly in Miami.
  2. Russell Wilson is practically in the same position as Andrew Luck in terms of offensive talent. Seahawks are doing a piss poor job of protecting him with the turnstiles they play at o-line. A better comparison would be Carr. They really protected him and got him a great o-line. Raiders did a really good job building a team around him.
  3. Is 2017 going to be a classic year?

    Our schedule is easy but we're going up against teams (chargers, saints) that have high powered passing offenses. And we have sh*t at corners. They'll destroy us. To beat them we'd have to take advantage of their crappy defense, but considering we have Josh McCown leading us with a patchwork offensive line, I have no faith in us even putting up a decent offense against sh*t tier defenses. The Jags have Marrone, who seems to have our number. Bills will be interesting to see how they do, we probably split with them at worst. Browns are making improvements, and more importantly, they actually try to win unlike our sh*t team. So we'll see, we could be going 0-4 into that Browns game and have morale completely destroyed.
  4. Time to have the Hackenberg discussion

    Lmao, if Mac and Bowles are betting their jobs on Hackenberg then this team is more far gone then I originally thought. Expect us to be picking in the top 5 this year with a good shot at #1. Hopefully, Woody wises up and fires these bums and we could move forward with a new coaching staff and fo when we draft one of next years qbs.
  5. safety is not how u build a team

    Mahomes. Draft a qb. Andy Reid is jizzing himself right now having Favre flashbacks now that he has Mahomes. We drafted a strong safety ending Pryor's career here at the Jets, while having massive holes at cb. If you draft a safety, you draft Hooker their to give much needed help to whatever crap we're playing at corner this year. It's a perfect tank pick though, cause right now he won't do much to improve the team. Our run defense got stronger but we'll be absolutely shredded in the pass. Edit: Btw, Adams isn't the consensus best safety in the draft. Just going on NFL.com and checking their grades puts Hooker at a 6.7 above Adams 6.6. Hooker is the most talented safety in the draft. His speed is freakish. He's Ed Reed 2.0 assuming he doesn't hurt himself with that injury history. You have to coach up his tackling but considering he hasn't been playing football for that long, a good coaching staff should have no problems developing him.
  6. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    Andy Reid did. And I trust Andy ******* Reid to know more about qbs then a lot of these "draft experts" who sh*t on Mariota, Carr, and Bridgewater. Reid was getting Favre flashbacks watching Mahomes and knew he could develop him. We missed out on a franchise qb folks, all for a strong safety. Better hope this team sucks next year, cause the only way we're drafting a franchise qb is if everybody and their mother is calling them a franchise qb.
  7. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    Ugh, this comparison is so sh*tty. Compare him to Chancellor or Polamalu, he's not Ed Reed. Ed Reed didn't play strong safety ffs. And lol at us getting Sam next year, watch Adams and our team lead us to picking 3-5 next year.
  8. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    Lol what? He's not Ed Reed. If you wanted Ed Reed you draft Hooker and hope you can fix his tackling along with hoping the he does not get reinjured. Adams is a strong safety, he's not a ballhawk. When will this Reed comparison die.
  9. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Same sh*t people told me about Carr, Bridgewater, and Mariota. Can't wait for you to cry in 2 years about how we should have drafted Mahomes.
  10. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Lmao, I'm sure our ******* team know's more about qbs then Andy ******* Reid. **** Macaggan, Mahomes is a franchise qb and we passed on him for a ******* strong safety. This is literally Pryor 2.0, with us passing on Carr and Bridgewater. I ******* hate this team.
  11. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    If you hate Pryor he's most definitely gone. Of course, we totally ignored our need at free safety but whatever.
  12. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Reed was fast as hell, which Hooker is. Hooker also has insane intangibles, seriously look up how many interceptions this guy had. He's a straight ball hawk in the Thomas/Reed role. Problem with Hooker is he's pretty raw. He doesn't really know how to tackle or take angles, but in coverage he's phenomenal due to his speed and instincts. But, if our dumbass headcoach who played safety is worth any salt in coaching up safeties, he should be able to help him out their. But considering we've just moved on and given up on Pryor, I doubt we could have coached him up.
  13. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Lol no. He doesn't have the range Hooker has. He's a strong safety, he can play free safety. But he's not a free roamer, doesn't have that insane speed and acceleration that Hooker has.
  14. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    That's not what he is. Your best hope is Chancellor 2.0. You know, what Pryor was supposed to be.
  15. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    He's a strong safety. Him or Pryor is getting played out of position. Most likely means that Pryor is gone, and we still have a hole at free safety. It's a terrible pick. You draft Hooker and get Reed 2.0 if you need a free safety.