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  1. artemusclyde

    Matt Rhule speaks as per Cimini.

    Strongly doubt that, next year he'll probably get more interviews. Whether he'll accept them is another thing entirely. Rhule seems to be on the path to end up at a blue blood college, which, will likely end up with him staying there forever since those blue blood coaches tend to never leave assuming they have success at the program.
  2. artemusclyde

    Gase hire has grown on me

    The only good thing about this hire is that once the train wreck is over, both Mac and Gase will be fired. None of this hold over gm/head coach should happen, but then again this is the Jets.
  3. artemusclyde

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    You have got to be ******* kidding me. We missed out on a coach cause of ******* Mac? What has this dumbass done to have any sort of power in dictating coaching hires? Fire this whole team into the sun.
  4. artemusclyde

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    This team is ******* retarded. Lol at all you idiots thinking the other Johnson would change anything. Incompetence from the bottom to the top, ******* sell this team
  5. artemusclyde

    Kacy Rodgers....d-line coach Tampa

    Doubt it, offensive coaches are all the rage right now. More likely they give it to Leftwich assuming the Bucs offense continues to be a high scoring offense and he doesn't get poached by some other team.
  6. artemusclyde

    CFB Championship Game Thread

    It's 2019 old man, get with the times. Ladyboys are the future now.
  7. artemusclyde

    Just heard on the Michael Kay show

    Good his defenses in Green Bay were trash, and despite being a so called qb whisperer the only qb he seems to have developed is Aaron Rodgers, a HOF who probably would've been a HOF without McCarthy. Not to mention how much his offenses sucked when Rodgers went down and how talent starved his teams have been. Seems to me like he was carried by Rodgers.
  8. artemusclyde

    Jonah Williams

    Joe Thomas is 6'6-6'7, he has the height/frame to make up for short arms. I doubt Jonah Williams is even 6'5 when it's all said and done.
  9. https://www.cover1.net/2019-nfl-draft-jonah-williams-alabama/ Very likely Williams ends up as a RT/Guard for all you Jonah Williams fans.
  10. It's why we should wait for 2020. Reports are saying that class is much better then this year in terms of oline.
  11. Not a good year for top talent in offense. Jonah Williams doesn't have ideal length for LT, he might end up as a guard/RT. 2020 is the year for top talent in wr, though this is a pretty deep draft for wr when selecting in 2nd/3rd round. Edit: Though the TE class is looking pretty great too.
  12. Since a lot of you guys are seriously underestimating Williams.
  13. Football is a team sport, no one player besides qb is going to drastically change a teams record. As for trading down, Haskins is the only top qb and you would figure they would trade with either 49ers or Cardinals. As for bpa, if your down on Leonard Williams, you have to remember that was a weak draft class. Quinnen Williams is getting some Suh/Donald comparisons in terms of talent. This is a really deep defensive line draft and Williams is pretty much considered the best defensive lineman. Not comparable to Leonard Williams.
  14. That'd be a good thing. Quinnen is the best defensive lineman in a stacked defensive line class. A couple draft ranking sites also view him as the best player in the draft, even above Bosa.
  15. artemusclyde

    John Harbaugh potentially available?

    If rumors are true and Woody is giving him a Grudenesque deal, he'd be dumb not to take it. He'll probably get canned if he keeps putting up similar seasons to this year without making the playoffs, expectations are too high for that to fly at Michigan.

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