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  1. I hear Quinton Coples is available.
  2. Those great qbs are great because they can make those throws with terrible mechanics. Which is besides the point, because if you look at Rodgers resurgent year, he literally cleaned up his mechanics. Also, look at all the top qbs, Brady, Manning, Brees etc. Those guys were known for having great mechanics.
  3. No. I'm not buying into the hype. Flores' defenses have been garbage for his entire tenure despite being a "defensive mastermind." It's still early and his defense can get better, but he's been carried by his offense and Fitzpatrick playing decent football.
  4. It's almost zero though. Besides him confirming it, he's been to the championship game twice and already won once. He's also graduating in December. The guy who's probably going to be returning is Trey Lance. Only gets to play one game this year and NDSU qbs generally don't come out early. Which is the why the Jets need to land 1 or 2, Lawrence and Fields will go back to back in the draft.
  5. Not really, there are fans on this board who really believe that. I fully expect to be hearing this dumb narrative if we win the #1 pick this year. Bengals fans had to deal with it when they got the #1 pick and everyone was making up bullsh*t about Burrow refusing to play for the Bengals.
  6. You're an idiot if you don't think he's coming out and overreacting. People said the same dumb sh*t about Burrow and him not playing for the Bengals.
  7. He's already said this is his last year at Clemson and he's coming out. This isn't a Herbert situation where he grew up watching the Ducks and his dream was to play for them since he was a kid. Lawrence originally wanted to go play for Georgia.
  8. Yeah, talk about overreaction city. It's a NFL job, great coaches will want it. They might not have the fanfare, but Kingsbury is doing great in Arizona, and where was the hype for him? Hue Jackson was hyped up to all heavens and he failed out of Cleveland. None of this matters anyway because the coaches pushed by the media wanted to come here to coach a sh*tty qb in Darnold, who has nowhere near the same hype/adoration as a fresh out of college qb in Lawrence who is literally viewed as the next Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning. Hell your arguments are full on pants on head retarded when you consider that Douglas is widely respected and came here to be the GM of the Jets with Adam Gase as hc.
  9. Most hyped up qb prospect since Luck, yeah coaches are definitely going to pass on the opportunity to coach him. He literally was viewed as the greatest qb high school prospect ever coming into college. He's been destined for the NFL ever since high school. Even if we end up with the #2 pick coaches will want to come here for Fields. He's basically bigger Kyler Murray. Ran 4.38 40 at 227 lbs. For comparison Lamar ran a 4.34 at 212. He's also a lot more polished then Lamar coming out of college.
  10. Both Rhule and McCarthy wanted this job. Both those guys had significant fanfare behind them. Blame Johnson for being an idiot and hiring Gase. Besides, Lawrence is a significantly better qb then Darnold ever was. They are not comparable as prospects, Lawrence has been hyped up since high school, Darnold was recruited as a linebacker out of high school. And he obviously wasn't the presumed #1 qb if the Browns drafted Mayfield over him.
  11. If we have the #1 pick and Lawerence comes out coaches will be falling over themselves to take this job. If we're picking in the 5-10 range where Fields and Lawrence will be off the board and whatever coach who comes here will be stuck with Darnold, then yes, no coach with any other NFL HC opportunities will want this job.
  12. Speak for yourself, I was on here crying when we didn't resign him. I remember saying we'd be tanking for Lawrence after we didn't resign Robby and getting a lot of sh*t for it, boy have times changed.
  13. Literally from Greg Cossel: Greg Cosell, who breaks down film on ESPN’s “NFL Matchup” show, studied six of Darnold’s games from last season, including the Cowboys and Patriots games. “What makes Darnold a hard and frustrating evaluation is that he can make high-level throws without proper lower-body mechanics,” Cosell said. “That’s a knack that he has, but as a coach you do not want to accept poor mechanics.” see also Is Sam Darnold the Jets' savior? It is a tricky thing for Gase and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains. Darnold has the ability to make throws off of a “bad platform,” in football-speak. That can be a good thing. But it also can result in bad habits. The Jets must walk the line of trying to improve Darnold’s mechanics without taking things out of his game that make him special. “Darnold’s lack of consistent footwork and balance in the pocket have been the same since I evaluated him coming out of USC,” Cosell said. “It may be one of those things that you have to live with and work within that framework.” https://nypost.com/2020/08/05/sam-darnolds-future-nfl-experts-give-jets-qb-mixed-reviews/ Mahommes gets away with throwing off his back foot cause he's ******* Patrick Mahomes and his accuracy and arm strength from throwing from awkward platforms is unreal. Darnold isn't Mahommes and never will be, he's garbage.
  14. Crazy to remember that before we hired Gase this was one of the most sought after jobs for NFL coaches. Doubt it is now that Darnold's been exposed as a fraud. Only way it's appealing is if we tank for the #1 pick.
  15. He would've resigned if we paid him more then the Panthers did. Douglas ****ed up bad on this one. We better get that number one pick and grab Lawrence.

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