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  1. Closing Act

    The read option that Denver ran last year was a fraction of what Tim did at Florida. This isn't me saying this, Urban Meyer who knows a little something about spread offenses, commented on how the Broncos were misusing Tim's abilities. There were almost no attempts at screen passes once Moreno went down. The WRs had a lot of potential and very little experience. Dropped passes were not unusual. When asked why Tim was better in College, Percy Harvin commented something to the effect that he caught the ball. There was almost no use of the TEs. Tim used Ingraham and Hernadez to great effect at UF. Of course Hernadez is better than the TEs Tim had to work with. The Denver play calling consisted of run, run, throw deep, punt or worse run, run, run, punt. Tim was told not to turn over the ball so he was unwilling to take almost any chances and frequently threw the ball away. Late in the game, Tim was finally allowed to throw on a down other than third and did much better. Remember Elway said "pull the trigger" before the Steeler game and Tim threw for 316 yard breaking multiple NFL records including fewest number of passes to 300 yards in NFL history. Through the season Tim was 4th for yards per completion aand 4th in the whole NFL for yards per carry in the rushing game. The Bronco rushing attack went from 23rd when Tim started to Number one. And though the defense did play really great in many of Tim's game, they ended the year ranked 20th and were 28th in TOs meaning Tim rarely started with a short field. This is not to say that there are not many areas that Tim needs to improve on. The number of three and outs was definately unaccetable. He sometimes misses easy threws. He also needs to improve reading defenses and to take more chances. But remember he is on his third HC, his Third offense and has had no first team reps in TC. Finally he has started a grand total of 16 games. I see other young QBs get a chance to make mistakes. Fans roll their eyes and say they will learn. It seems that Tim is held to a really high standard and it is assumed that he can't learn or improve. I wonder why that is. COuld it be that there are a lot of experts who will look very foolish if Tim succeeds.
  2. Joe Flacco Stinks

    Last year I was at the Jag/Raven MNF game. I have to say that it was the worst combined QB performance that I have ever seen. Mid way through the second quarter, Gabbert and Flaco had combined for a mighty negative 13 yards passing. The Jags only had positive total yardage because of MJD while the Ravens were too stupid to give the ball to Rice. The Ravens did not get a single first down until well into the third quarter. Flaco finally put together a good drive in the 4th quarter but lost to the Jags 12 to 7. I know Flaco has had some really good games but it will take a lot for me to forget that performance.
  3. Win A Tim Tebow DVD

    I would be happy to win it. Thanks for the chance.
  4. Fleming Island, home of our beloved Gene Smith. Always happy to see another Gator.
  5. Hi Guys. I have been lurking on this site for a while. I am a Jag season ticket holder and a Tebow supporter. As much as I would love to see Tim in Teal it is not going to happen, at least not right now. Though many of the fans want Tim, the FO does not. The GM Smith is tied to Gabbert and Tim will cause a QB controversy for real in JAX unlike the Media driven controversy for the Jets. If the Jags had really wanted him they could have gotten him for a third round pick. Mojo is worth more than that.