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  1. Sory jesisca cant cometo the phone rihgt now, shes under you momma
  2. Iev movde on to pearl necklaces. Just ask ur moma
  3. ists clerary that itodit Tomshafe. hes beens a pain in my as sinec day 1
  4. wha t the hell doS this have to do with JEtsinsider. Stay on topic man. Fisrt i gotat dael with that ****head Tomhane and now this sh*tz. get your act togetehr
  5. https://www.change.org/petitions/jetnation-com-remove-tom-shane-from-jetnation-radio
  6. tom si a dososh of epic praportins
  7. it sbeen a year and yours still all tlajk. big mna you anre T0m
  8. if I win I opromise to make sure tomshame is banndend forever.
  9. If Tom goes can he and i sitw with each toher?
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