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  1. Why No Tebow at the End?

    You must love losing then. I don't care how bad you THINK Tebow is... Mark is one of the worst starting QBs I've ever seen.
  2. Why No Tebow at the End?

    Your point? So Tim got 3 first downs then the drive stalled.... His One effort ended in a punt.... You'd still take Mark I give the ball to the other team Sanchez?
  3. Why No Tebow at the End?

    Miami: 5yd TD pass to Thomas with 2:44 remaining 3yd TD pass to Fells with 0:17 remaining Kansas City: 56Yd TD pass to Decker with 6:44 remaining Jets: 20yd TD run with 0:58 remaining Bears: 10yd TD pass to Thomas with 2:10 remaining Pitt: 80yd TD pass to Thomas in OT to win Yup... You sure know what you're talking about.....
  4. Thats the same argument people made about Tebow last year... Fox threw him in to shut people up and tank the season for Luck.... but Tebow gone done f'd that up.
  5. I think this had more to do with McElroy not being Sanchez than McElroy being McElroy. He threw for less than 30 yards. The Jets running game came alive. I may be wrong but if Tebow had come in, the team would have reacted the exact same way and I'm sure Tim would have done enough to win the game. Just my opinion, but I don't think Tebow should be demoted and don't think Greg did enough to bounce over the guy who was #2 all season.
  6. The Case for Tim Tebow

    Need full read to get context and argument... not worth summarizing... read or don't, just putting it out there because Its the same argument I've tried to make and have failed at and the author put it perfectly.
  7. The Case for Tim Tebow

    http://youhavenogame.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/the-case-for-tim-tebow/ Couldn't have said it better myself:
  8. Official Jets \ Rams Game Thread

    Can you really blame Tebow? He's not a running back, he's not a wildcat back, he's a below average QB who can make things happen when nothing's there and the way the Jets are using him is criminal. It's not helping ANYONE! If there's ZERO chance of him throwing, he's going to be unsuccessful. The jets need to stop this wildcat sh*t!
  9. Official Jets \ Rams Game Thread

    Pump fakes workin today
  10. Based on the math, if Tebow started right now, he would hit the escalators by the end of the season. This may also explain why he hasn't come in for mop up duty in any of the blowouts. I think the earliest he could start and not hit escalators is against Arizona, and potentially New England assuming we don't win out and go to the Super Bowl.
  11. Fair Stat Comparison

    Ain't gonna happen here... I've given up that pipe dream.
  12. Fair Stat Comparison

    Still here
  13. The Genius

    I enjoyed the irony.... Or is it stupidity.... Either way its funny.