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  1. Sure but there are guys on that list that we all know won't become standouts, there are some that have a chance, and 3 that already are if you don't count Pryor. Every team in the NFL has guys in their 20s who might be good. That really isn't saying anything.
  2. SNY. Something about how it felt good to beat them after what happened last year. It think it was Powell or Richardson. Not 100% sure. Just a dumb remark.
  3. 3-4 who are standout NFL players and that includes Pryor. The rest are huge question marks.
  4. Yes. The incompetence of that game probably set the franchise back years.
  5. It was in an interview I saw on TV with a few players after the game. I can't find the quote online...
  6. I do deny the fact that they are moving in the right direction, that is the upsetting part. They don't have a "slew of talented young players" they have 3-4 of them which is not enough and they have shown that they either aren't willing or competent enough to property use the cap space that they do have.
  7. I like how you're just following me around the boards sh*tting up threads with insults and content-less posts. Is that what you find fun?
  8. It wasn't judging results that kept him here, it was misjudging results.
  9. Out of 12 picks, none of them other than Pryor has shown any signs of being a good player. Thats the bottom line.
  10. Don't forget Enunwa. Another dud who might not even make the roster.
  11. LMAO you think that the duds the Jets drafted are in the same league as Beckham. Thats funny .
  12. Those things have nothing to do with each other unless you're a fool (which Idzik is).
  13. At least the giants don't celebrate sh*tty 8-8 seasons like they accomplished something. You have to give them that.
  14. This was an exceedingly deep WR draft, the Jets drafted 3 WR's and they won't get anything out of any of them. That's a travesty.
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