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  1. Indeed, if you write the other guys off it does get worse.  But I'm not willing to do that yet.  You know, because most of them are still developing.  Something young players do and stuff.

    Sure but there are guys on that list that we all know won't become standouts, there are some that have a chance, and 3 that already are if you don't count Pryor. Every team in the NFL has guys in their 20s who might be good. That really isn't saying anything.  

  2. We're the 6th youngest team in the NFL.  And whether or not you agree they can turn into players, we have the following guys aged 25 or under who were either highly ranked and talented at their respective positions coming out of college OR have so far looked like pleasant surprises:


    QB Geno Smith (23)

    RB Bilal Powell (25)

    WR Jeremy Kerley (25)

    TE Jace Amaro (22)

    NT Damon Harrison (25)

    DE Sheldon Richardson (23)

    DE Muhammad Wilkerson (24)

    LB Demario Davis (25)

    DE/LB IK Enemkpali (23)

    DE/LB Quinton Coples (24) -- Yeah, even in his 3rd season he's 24.  Still time for this cat.

    CB Dee Milliner (22)

    CB Dexter McDougle (23) -- Before his ACL tear he was getting rave reviews. 

    FS Calvin Pryor (22)

    SS Antonio Allen (25)



    That's 14 promising players 25 or under, and I may have missed some that are currently buried on the depth chart and might emerge later.  You'll notice they're spread nicely across the roster, which is a very good sign.  You'll also notice that half of the names have been acquired in the past 2 offseasons. 


    If Geno proves to not be "the guy" this season, we'll likely be going after another young QB in the draft to replace him.


    I'm sure you can pick apart each and every one of them for one reason or the other.  But this is a lot closer to a "slew" than just 3-4.  You're flat out wrong there.


    Then you bring up the cap stuff as if that ties in somehow.  The FA dollars are not intended to be used to build the core of a team.  The best teams in the NFL use their FA dollars sparingly, so I'd say that Idzik is following the "proper" model.

    3-4 who are standout NFL players and that includes Pryor. The rest are huge question marks. 

  3. In the last game that mattered, the Victor Cruz game back on Xmas Eve 2011, Ryan's  team lost because 1. HIS DEFENSE allowed Cruz to score a TD that was an embarrassment and .2 the Jjets' offense couldn't mount a few decent scoring drives.One team then went onto the playoffs and a championship, the other had Santonio Holmes act like a total ahole in Miami.  The rest is details.


    Brag on Mr. Footsie. That's all you good at.

    Yes. The incompetence of that game probably set the franchise back years. 

  4. Mike - not sure if you saw my other response.  But who are you referring to? Please post a link, I read the press conferences after the game and nothing jumped out at me. What did I miss?

    It was in an interview I saw on TV with a few players after the game. I can't find the quote online...

  5. Just throwing my 2 cents in but I think you need to lighten up a bit. I think most Jet fans are aware of the teams shortcomings. We were quite devoid of talent for the last few years, that much is obvious. We can't change the team or the way its decision makers think thus we are forced to live with reality. Okay so the Jets aren't the best team in the NFL. In fact we are arguably in the bottom third of the league (maybe not so arguably) but its hard to deny the fact that we are moving in a good direction. We have a slew of talented young players not to mention a ton of cap space. Its good to come to terms with reality but its a lot more fun to have a little bit of hope. Its not all doom and gloom, lighten up buddy. :)

    I do deny the fact that they are moving in the right direction, that is the upsetting part. They don't have a "slew of talented young players" they have 3-4 of them which is not enough and they have shown that they either aren't willing or competent enough to property use the cap space that they do have. 

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  6. The mystery surrounding Saunders and Evans is definitely what's adding to the frustration. These were two guys we needed to play this year considering how weak we were at the wr position. Amaro seemingly having his head up his rear isn't encouraging either

    McDougle we knew was injury prone but he gets a pass at least.

    Don't forget Enunwa. Another dud who might not even make the roster. 

  7. I watched 5 mins of the Giants first preseason game and I saw 2 rookies who looked better than any jet. Same goes for a bunch of teams. None of them are standing out at all and if that doesn't bother you you're fooling yourself. Especially since most of these picks were terrible reaches. The 3 WR's alone should be friable for whoever made those picks. 

  8. No rookies ever develop over time.  Ever.

    Does it bother you at all that there has not been one positive report about one rookie out of TC other than Pryor? Or we just ignore that? Haven't you been watching the preseason? None of them has stood out at all. 

  9. and how many of the 12 draft picks are going to be on the opening day roster?     Idzik the patient didn't make a single move during the draft using all 12 picks.    how many of those 12 will be active week 1?  

    2 it looks like. The draft was just an utter disaster and w ill haunt this franchise for years, even if Pryor is a great player. 

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  10. Idzik is doing a great job of building depth and closing the gap between the Jets starters and backups.    Right now the Jets have the best 2's in the NFL.....wonderful.   


    Where is the top end talent?    Is Amaro going to be the next Graham or Gronkowski?   is milliner the next Peterson?  


    Right now Idzik has built a great JV team.   Let me know when we have the best Varsity squad b/c right now this team is an afterthought in the discussion of superbowl contenders.  

    No they don't. 

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