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  1. Yea because first round QB's bust (I mean we look at one every sunday) the Jets should just not try to get a good QB in the first round. Great argument.
  2. If I were to agree with you that would make an even more persuasive argument for Rex's firing because he HAS NO coherent scheme or vision on offense.
  3. I agree with you about the personnel department being completely incompetent and needing to be completely blown out. But yes, Rex and Tannenbaum CAN both be awful. It just matters less as to who the coach is during the rebuilding process than who the GM is.
  4. I would love to not have to watch the rest of this season. Whitlock is 100% RIGHT.
  5. You basically just made the best case for how incompetent the team is.
  6. Yeah and this jets team has the exact same talent as the teams that went to the AFC championship games right? You're delusional if you see any talent on this roster.
  7. He's a better passer and worse runner than RG3.
  8. They have the leading WR in the NFL too as of this week too... Thats a team with mediocre talent that still has MUCH better talent than the Jets do. It's a commentary on how horrible this Jets team is.
  9. This is a 5 win team, tops. They just don't have the talent to beat anybody.
  10. They destroyed the Bills in the best game of Sanchez' career. Think thats something thats happening again any time soon? The Bills have at least 3 offensive players who are better than anyone on the Jets too. The Dolphins have at least 2 who are better than anyone on the Jets and they are pretty miserable too. That's the territory the Jets are in.
  11. Yes I absolutely believe the Jets are as every bit as bad as any of those teams. They have less talent on offense than pretty much all of them.
  12. Weeden isn't terrible. They might not draft a QB 2 years in a row in the first round.
  13. Garbage for Geno? Gag for Geno? sh*t for Smith?
  14. He's completely neglected the offence and let it become a circus. Think Belichick would do that?
  15. There is enough failure to go around to everyone and cost them all their jobs.
  16. 3 games in a row under 50%. Worst starter in the NFL.
  17. You really think the Packers would fire Mike McCarthy who's won a superbowl for Rex? And Reid who's won MUCH more than Rex? The Seahawks LOVE Carrol and the Dolphins love Philbin. Same for Pagano with the Colts, Fox with the Broncos and Sahanhan. The rest are just really bad teams and Norv. Rex would get a job the second the Jets fired him but thats fine, he's failed as a HC here.
  18. There was never the combination of high prices plus humiliating product.
  19. The stadium was still full. The empty seats on monday night are going to be hilarious.
  20. Wrong it's not price, it's the dogsh*t product on the field. Thats where it begins and ends.
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