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  1. If times are always tough how do you know that you're reacting well?
  2. You don't think they tell him to hold on to the ball when he moves around in the pocket? You don't think they tell him not to miss wide open WR's or throw behind them on routes? You don't think they tell him to get his screen passes over the DL? This is utter crap. Coaching can make players better but you have to have a baseline of physical ability and mental toughness. He has neither. How much longer will people like you accept the worst performance from the QB position in the NFL and make excuses.
  3. It's not coaching. He just isn't good. Why is this so hard for some people to understand?
  4. No more trades for retreads. Tear it down and rebuild around Mangold and the young DL'men.
  5. If your "Franchise QB" needs for everything around him to be PERFECT to win games he isn't a franchise QB.
  6. I'm sure Brady crawled up into a fetal position when he heard about this signing.
  7. Tebow playing really does nothing. And even if he wins games it just hurts our chances at a real QB in the draft. Might as well roll with Sanchez.
  8. If he survives this season you know we're just dealing with another James Dolan and another black decade.
  9. 3. Don't forget Wilson who Mario Manningham is probably still laughing at today.
  10. Take a look at what the Giants are doing with guys who were cut from other teams. Though to be fair, their GM isn't a bloated incompetent fool and their coach doesn't completely ignore the offense.
  11. Trade him and let the new FO use the picks to build a team. If the same fools are brought back, just never go to a game again.
  12. They hitched their wagon to the worst QB in the NFL. If that doesn't get you fired, what the hell does?
  13. Lets all relax folks. Sanchez isn't worried about his job and why should he? Woody's marketing toy is even worse than he is. This franchise is the biggest laughingstock in the NFL.
  14. I love the clowns who didn't see this coming a mile away all offseason. This is a horrible football team.
  15. It's been good enough to win with a competent offense. Thats the rot at the center of this team.
  16. Is that really a supprise? Everyone knew this team was horrible.
  17. The defense has not been great but the offense is completely inept. Hit you over the head inept.
  18. The people who are still defending Sanchez's miserable play at this point are even more hilarious than the Pennington fanboys.
  19. As long as the jets have the worst QB in the nfl everything will be a problem. And a competent GM will be able to get RB's later in the draft.
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