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  1. If that bloated fool is still the Jets GM making the next draft pick, it won't matter anyway,
  2. The Jets are the worst team without a QB in the NFL. What teams are gonna take a QB? Not the Jags, Browns, Rams, Dolphins or Colts. The Chiefs are the only team as bad as the Jets who need a QB and they will probably have a better record.
  3. The jets might have to trade up for him but if he's really an elite QB it's a no brainier.
  4. Woddy Johnson is an incompetent moron. Nothing changes that fact. Only amplifies it.
  5. hopefully Rex isn't employed by the time of the Super Bowl.
  6. Letting him walk for nothing would be awful, trading him for a ton of draft picks? Thats something you have to think about as long as it's a brand new regime making those picks.
  7. Do the kid a favor and make him a giants fan. Why put him through this?
  8. See how Wilson as a starter turns out for them, It's gonna be UG-LY.
  9. Maybe if the last CB we drafted in the first round wasn't utter crap, hilarious reaches like this wouldn't be necessary.
  10. The run could've been called to that side...Even so he just doesn't have the physical ability to be a starting NFL RB.
  11. If he made the Texans practice squad there is probably a 60-70% chance that he's the best RB on the Jets roster right now.
  12. Actually if the FO had any idea what they were doing they would've known that their talent level was absolute garbage and their only option was to trade Revis for draft picks and start the rebuilding process.
  13. The Jets should've traded Revis in the offseason.
  14. No. that was about the giants not having incompetent morons in charge of their personnel and having something called DEPTH. The have 3 RB's better than any of the swill the Jets are throwing out there and probably 6 WR's too.
  15. The New York Jets built their blueprint for success in 2012 around the potential of Shonn Greene and the return of "ground and pound." ^^^^^ Fire everyone. Yeah because the ****ing morons in the FO needed just 3 more horrible games from him to know that he sucked. 4 years wasn't enough.
  16. Question: "If you drafted a QB no 6 and he's the worst starting QB in the NFL. HOW THE &#$% ARE YOU STILL EMPLOYED?"
  17. This. My biggest fear is that they blame the entire disaster that this season is going to be on the Revis knee and bring the entire group of clowns and their worst talent in the NFL back.
  18. Crap the bed and continue to prove that he's a good DC and a bad head coach. Thats whats just unbelievable about the incompetence of this FO. Could they really think that they had a running game that was anything better than bottom 5 in the league?
  19. The Packers, Steelers and NE all have QB's that teams have to respect and that, alone, makes the running game better. Of course they can go with Avg running backs and expect to have better production. CJ Spiller has had 2 good games, Fred Jackson was great for the Bills before that and he's not a first round pick. In the top 10 RB's in yards from last season more than half of them wern't first round picks. Foster, MJD, Gore, Charles, Turner, McGahee. All after the first round. You can get RB's if you don't have fools running your team.
  20. If your number 6 overall QB isn't able to win games in the face of adversity by year 4 and make the players around him better, it's never going to happen. Sanchez makes NO ONE around him better.
  21. There are teams with competent front offices all around the NFL who have much more talent at the RB position than the garbage the Jets roll out there without spending anywhere close to a 1st rounder on one. In fact most of the best RB's in the NFL weren't first round picks. You just need competent personnel people, which is probably the Jets' biggest gaping hole.
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