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  1. Hill is a guy who would go to the Steelers and become a no 1 WR in 3 years. But because we have hilariously bad depth and the worst starting non-weeden QB in the NFL, he'll probably amount to nothing because he's being forced into a situation where it's going to be VERY easy for him to fail.
  2. Again, the theme of this season is the delusion of the fools in the FO who thought a team with this laughable talent level on O could be competitive. Nothing that has happened has changed that, in fact it's just getting clearer and clearer and even if they have done some good things in other areas of that team that complete and utter delusion and stupidity (as well as inability to do anything about it in FA or the draft) should cost all of them their jobs.
  3. Whats average? The median starting RB in the NFL? Sure that's what Thomas Jones was. No one they have now is close to average.
  4. We just have to pray that this isn't used as an excuse to keep the incompetent fools employed...
  5. The cheating scum cry about the refs no matter who they are or what they call. I wonder if that hilarious overturning of the Webb pick pissed them off...
  6. Sure looking great to pass on Chandler Jones for him now huh?
  7. It's laughable to imagine this team making the playoffs. They MUST clean house and start with a new, competent NFL QB and coach/GM who won't ignore the offensive side of the football.
  8. Yes, he was. He had 5 straight 1000+ yard seasons while playing every game including 4.3, 4.5 and 4.2 YPC AVG's. Lets get real, there is no chance any RB on the Jets right now will even start a game for another team let alone sustain that kind of production. Name a worse RB group in the sport. I dare you.
  9. Thomas Jones was LIGHT YEARS better than the garbage they are rolling out this season.
  10. They don't have the players to get the running game going. Their RB group is probably the worst in the NFL. Thats why all their talk about "ground and pound" in the offseason was so hilarious. They are either COMPLETELY delusional about their talent level or just clueless about how to upgrade it.
  11. Do you think the fools running the jets feel good about themselves and their QB tonight?
  12. Anyone who watched this game and thinks the jets are more than a 6 win team is utterly insane.
  13. Hill could singlehandedly drag this offense into respectability.
  14. There is no situation where a bottom 5 QB in the NFL is perfect for any team or system. Thats just silly.
  15. Francesa is a windbag but he's been right from the beginning about the fools running this team and the circus they created.
  16. Thanks. Now I just need a new password since the college account i used when I signed up here doesn't exist anymore lol.
  17. Can I get parole too? I'll play nicely!
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