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  1. That is were we differ. You think the jets actual results are great because you're perfectly fine with mediocrity. I'm sure you had an 8-8 party last year because when you win 8 games with a 3 win roster that's a victory to you. You think winning 8 games in proof of "Idzik's plan coming together." And when they go 8-8 or worse this season you'll find a reason to delude yourself into thinking it was a great season again.
  2. I guess if your goal is to lead the league in personal fouls they are terrific.
  3. Why are you posting if you have no actual points other than to insult people? Go away.
  4. My life is fine, thanks for the insight. Now do you have a point?
  5. What value is there in that? You have to judge on actual results.
  6. It's impossible to say because the fact that his FA and Draft classes were terrible outside of Richardson was the baseline for his 2014 failures. It builds on itself.
  7. He basically could've drafted ANY WR's that would've been better than the two duds he punted 3rd round picks on. Could've signed the best CB in the NFL. It goes on and on. I just want to know when certain posters here will hold him accountable for the roster being terrible. 2017? 18? How many years does this team need to SUCK before people get tried of the rose color glasses to hide incompetence?
  8. By signing better players, trading for better players and drafting better players with the resources he had available to him. I'm not the GM, he is.
  9. There is no reason to believe that the jets will ever be able to field a good offensive team with Rex as the HC.
  10. Get out of here with this stupidity. He could've built a good, competitive team. A good team would make everyone happy. This isn't a good team.
  11. The 2013 Jet offense was just as bad as 2012 and I don't really think that 2014 will be all that better. There are marginal improvements from 2012 to 2014 but it's nowhere enough considering the resources that the team has had the last two offseasons so you end up comparing two bad teams which some incremental improvements in a league where teams improve drastically from year to year all the time. 4-5 year rebuilding plans in the NFL are fools gold.
  12. Just because you put a guy out there who was an OK college player and threw the ball at him 80 times doesn't mean he's NFL caliber. His production on those 80 chances was truly terrible.
  13. You're defining the terms "solid" and "capable" down so far they basically completely lose all meaning. Why can't we just accept reality and admit that the WR talent level on this team is horrendously bad and that's AFTER they signed Decker.
  14. Nelson was terrible last year. He barely caught 50% of his targets and wasn't very productive on the ones he did. But those are the guys you end up having to play when you have laughable offensive talent. He wouldn't even make most decent offensive rosters.
  15. Basically you're talking about him being 4th or 5th on a depth chart that has 2 NFL caliber WR's.
  16. The Jets should've drafted Andre Williams. But that implies that there is one person in that building who has any idea what they are doing when it comes to drafting offensive players. They drafted guys who will never play a down for them over him.
  17. There is zero teams he would start for. His physical tools just aren't very good. You're really comparing Powell to Curtis Martin?
  18. No the worst thing is that he gets more playing time to suck and hurt the offense that is bad to begin with. He's worse now than he was 2 years ago. If Idzik wasn't a complete incompetent and hadn't drafted 3 WR's won't contribute to the team AT ALL, Hill would probably already be gone.
  19. The worst thing that could happen is for Hill to do anything to prevent himself from being cut.
  20. Being over drafted means he's gotten WAY more playing time then he's deserved.
  21. If they can't at least look decent against that bad Giants team it could be an ugly season.
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