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  1. Wrong. It's 2 years of free agency and 2 drafts since this GM has been here and the talent level on the team is just as terrible as when he took over. When does he stop getting a free pass? After 3 punted seasons? 4?
  2. If you're OK with punting another season AND if he plays well enough to actually be a long term answer at QB. He could drastically improve from last year and still be a bottom 10 QB in the NFL.
  3. Seriously is there anyone here who thinks this team won't need a minor miracle to win 8 games again?
  4. So that makes it OK to suck and run your team incompetently! Because there are other bad teams too!
  5. I actually think Geno will play better this season and the Jets could easily win 4 games.
  6. That was not their only option at QB. I still believe that Teddy Bridgewater is going to make them look like fools.
  7. 1. Revis was by far the best player on a team that made 2 AFC championships with the worst QB play in the league. He was also statistically the best CB in the NFL last season. 2. The jets don't have superstars anywhere so who needs um lol. OK sure. I mean you only have to go look at last year where they were good vs the run and horrible vs the pass, resulting in a bad defense that was ranked in the 20s to know that your statement is wrong. And there is no reason to believe that the secondary will be any better than last year, in fact it might be worse. 3. If they had signed Revis and not Decker I would be saying that they haven't done nearly enough to improve the talent level on this roster, Just like they haven't done nearly enough to improve the talent level on this roster in reality. 4. Again, this isn't baseball, teams turn around in one season ALL THE TIME by using their resources to effectively fill holes and bring in good players to improve the talent level on the roster. They didn't do that. It all comes back to the fact that this team is just not talented enough and they didn't use the resources they had to improve the roster NEARLY as well they should have, in fact, they didn't use a lot of those resources (cap dollars) at all!
  8. All the advanced metrics had the Jets has 3-4 win team that was extremely lucky to win 8 games last season. Their point differential speaks for itself.
  9. It's still one of the worst rosters in the league after a season there they went 8-8 and objectively were terrible and outclassed for most of the season until the last month where they started to play well against some bad teams. And they have been terrible so far in preseason. Where is the improvement? They had more resources than any team in the NFL this offseason and they haven't improved at all.
  10. You forget to mention that that QB, OL and CB played at the level of literally the worst at their positions in the NFL last season and what you're calling depth and upside is really wishful thinking on your part.
  11. What do you mean by fixed? Made them a super bowl team? No. Made them exponentially more competitive and probably at worst a 9 win team? Definitely. Given them actual good defensive personal and not a good DL and Rex's empty statements? Definitely. But it's all good, since they are 30 million under the cap now which is obviously much preferable to being 18 under and having the best CB in the NFL on your team. Because it's the mission of this front office to make the defense as unwatchable and pathetic as the offense was last year!
  12. OK you really are 8. Go run home to mommy and let the grown ups talk.
  13. I never said DRC was a great player. Everyone with a brain knows that the CB starting opposite Milliner should be Revis, not DRC. But since the utter incompetence and cowardice that is baked in the cake when you're talking about the John Idzik/Woody Johnson Jets has to be taken into account that was never happening and they needed to do something to shore up the position. They didn't.
  14. LMAO. What are you 8? Go away you zero contributing fool.
  15. I never blamed him for drafting Coples. He has enough terrible draft picks on his own without pinning Coples on him.
  16. Then why are you here? Go away you're wasting your time.
  17. Listen BRO. If your extent of contribution to this is "I'm gonna root for my team and hope for the best!" why are you wasting your time?
  18. What does it matter if they go 8-8, 13-3 or 0-16! What does it matter! It's just a game right!?
  19. They are the ones who said it, not me. That doesn't bother you? Or are you just so invested in wishful thinking that you're just going to be willfully blind and deaf?
  20. Seriously, why are you so invested in defending this incompetent GM? Are you related to him or something? Are you expecting to enjoy this season the way you enjoyed the triumphant 8-8 season last year?
  21. What does Donta Hightower have to do with Coples?
  22. It's too late now. Wait are you arguing that DRC isn't a GIANT upgrade over what the jets have starting at CB right now opposite Milliner, if Milliner even plays?
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