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  1. Didn't you hear the Jets talk after the game? They got the Bengles back for last year with that awesome win in a preseason game!
  2. At this point? it's WAY past that window having been closed.
  3. You are much better at convincing yourself that you're not a homer than actually not being a homer. Nice try though.
  4. By "Context" you mean the excuses you're going to make for his bad play. What you do best is make excuses for losing and for bad players who cause the team to lose.
  5. He's played 20 games in 2 years. He has 11 QB hurries in those 20 games and 17 tackles for loss which includes his 10 sacks. Those numbers are TERRIBLE. How will you excuse-away that?
  6. Well considering that he's a backup player on a bad defense, yes, he's replaceable pretty easily.
  7. Cutting him would have literally no impact on the team.
  8. Stop with the excuses. Remember when the Jets drafted Abraham (and even Shaun Ellis?) you knew RIGHT AWAY that those guys were going to be good players because they looked the part. Coples doesn't and never has.
  9. 10 sacks in 2 years is also terrible for a situational pass rusher.
  10. You just basically made excuses a guy with 10 sacks in two years (which is terrible for a starting OLB) and justified that by pointing out one game vs a terrible team.
  11. That's pretty much the implication with the way some of the people around here will justify anything this incompetent franchise does.
  12. Lets make more excuses for him and have wishful thinking that he's going to magically become good even though he's never been good.
  13. You realize that everyone thinks he's a bust other than blind homers like yourself who think the Jets are a 12 win team this season, right?
  14. I'm saying he lost his job to Babin because he sucks and is a bust.
  15. Does it occur to you that those two things are related? The sh*tty draft picks and the not winning?
  16. He's lost his job to a guy who's been cut twice and traded once in the last 3 seasons. Says you need to know about him. Bust. Good thing the wonderful Jets scouting department took him and fellow bust Stephen Hill before Alshon Jeffrey.
  17. I wonder if that moron Idzik actually thinks this is a good roster.
  18. At least we'll always have that epic 8-8 season last year!
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