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  1. What's the nfl record for passing yards allowed in a season?
  2. The talent level at WR on this team is an embarrassment. And that's after signing decker lol
  3. If you think that was good coverage you probably think Idzik is a good GM too!
  4. Pro Bowlers? LMAO There is nothing coming out of Jets training camp to make anyone think that any rookie the Jets drafted other than Pryor will even play this season. None of them have even contributed.
  5. Bears have a coach who doesn't have his head up his ass on offense...
  6. Notice that the Jets drafted THREE rookie WR's this year and we haven't heard a single word about any of them (other than, you know sucking, getting in car accidents or getting hurt.) Another mulligan for Idzik huh?
  7. They have been operating like a second rate franchise for about 4 years now. Ever since that embarrassment of a LCS against the Tigers.
  8. Well they can forget the east now. What a second rate sh*t show of a team this is.
  9. He's a 25 year old who has played at a pro bowl level in the NFL who the hell wants him?!
  10. I don't care what he says, I care what he does.
  11. So in a draft where the Jets desperately needed offensive weapons it looks like there are zero draft picks who will contribute on offense this year. GREAT JOB IDZIK. The jets don't employ one person who can pick offensive players. Not one.
  12. Kinda like how last year we were supposed to wait till this year to see what he'll do with his wad of cash.
  13. And so far his draft record is ONE PLAYER and a bunch of JAGs. And this year's class doesn't look great.
  14. Tannembaum sucked because he signed and drafted the WRONG players, not because he was aggressive. The guy drafted probably one of the top 5 busts in draft history and a bust QB. You do understand that distinction right?
  15. I don't know if a team with this QB situation could be a super bowl contender but he could definitely have improved the team drastically more than he did.
  16. I don't really care if he wants to win or not. I can't judge his intentions, just what he actually does.
  17. An example. They had the most picks in the draft out of any team and didn't trade up once. NOT ONCE. Instead they drafted reach players and guys who won't make the team. They also had the most Cap space in the league going into and exiting free agency. You're telling me they couldn't improve the team more than they have with that extra 30 million?
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