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  1. It was never one or two moves. It was being more aggressive overall in the draft, in FA and with trades. Instead he has durdled around.
  2. This was never a good roster so the injuries really don't change much.
  3. Idzik's "plan" is to have mediocre talent level at every position at every position besides DL and hope that scrap heap vets/rookies step right in and play great. It's pie in the sky horsesh*t and will result in another mediocre season that the Jets will try to get the dupes in their fatbase to celebrate just like last season.
  4. And then he lied about how much cap room the Jets have!
  5. This is the lime green jets colored glasses story. But it's only one side. Even you know that.
  6. The level of self delusion and proud ignorance that is contained in this post is a sight to behold.
  7. You can say this all you want till he actually starts winning and putting a good team on the field. We're still waiting.
  8. He owes the jets nothing. They had to go out and make an effort to get him, not visa versa. And they didn't.
  9. His camp reached out to the Jets and were told there was no interest. Because, **** us, lets play against him right?
  10. Why? Because we have to take our owner being a petulant, incompetent fool as a given?
  11. Which ones? DRC is 28. Revis is 29. Verner is 25. Vontae Davis is 26. They are in their prime. Quit making excuses for Idzik.
  12. The best CB in the NFL was available and wanted to play for the Jets.
  13. Yeah it could happen to anyone but the depth is the issue, not that specific player (who BTW was coming off a major injury and was a reach where they drafted him.)
  14. It really seems like that attitude that the management has where they could celebrate a 8-8 season is trickling down to the fanbase. Depressing.
  15. What exactly did he say that was wrong? NE signed the best Cb in the NFL who wanted to play for the Jets and the Jets were relying on a rookie coming off a major injury and a journeyman coming off a major injury. They are either cheap or incompetent. Choose one (or both.)
  16. They have to see what Smith is. Even the Jets aren't foolish enough to think that Vick is a long term answer at QB. If Vick ends up the starting QB of the Jets during this season they will be looking for a new QB next year.
  17. Trout is a great hitter because all the metrics that measure how good a hitter is accurately say he's a great hitter.
  18. Are you, with a straight face going to tell me that the Jets have comparable offensive talent levels with teams like the saints, Seahawks or chiefs? If you really believe that you're more deluded than Idzik is.
  19. You want to compare the talent level on the Siants, Chiefs, Patriots or Seahawks offense to that of the Jets offense? Sure you can win without a true No 1 WR.... As long as you have a top 5 RB in the NFL or a future hall of fame QB. What a bad comparison that is.
  20. When smith does a fraction of the, you know, making plays, that those QB's do, then he won't have his bad plays harped on.
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