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  1. If you think they improved then you are probably as delusional as Rex Ryan who thinks that it's OK to be noncompetitive for 3 months as long as you beat the terrible Browns, Raiders and Dolphins in December after you're already eliminated from the playoffs.
  2. What the hell are people who don't see this watching is what I would like to know...
  3. They have a No 2 WR. A good one. They need a No 1 WR.
  4. Or just over the middle since Harris/Wilson can't cover anyone either.
  5. The O line will be fine. If thats the biggest problem with the offense (it won't be) the jets will win 12 games (they won't).
  6. Yes, it would be, considering that even with the starters in, this is not a talented offense to begin with.
  7. Go back and read my first post that started this moronic argument, that it would be terrible if Powell got the same amount of carries as Ivory or Johnson (who are still a bottom half of the league backfield.) Looks like you agree with me. Move along.
  8. How about I list the teams that have backups better than the Jets starters? I mean thats the point right, the Powell stuff is just a sideshow.
  9. If you don't see the difference between complaining about the playcalling in the preseason (which is dumb) and pointing out that the team isn't talented enough and that certain players aren't very good, (things that haven't changed from 6 months ago) I'm not sure what to say.
  10. Do your realize that other NFL teams have actually have this thing called DEPTH were there backups aren't all JAGs who you have to like because they were drafted? The Jets don't have one pro bowl player on their entire offense other than maybe Decker, lets not get crazy and ask for more...
  11. Coming from a guy who is the president of the Bilal Powell fanclub (you know the guy who was a big part of that joke that the 2013 Jets called an offense,) I'm not gonna worry about you thinking that I'm wrong.
  12. You can call me predictable but I've been right about the direction the team is going in for the last few years.
  13. LMAO hilarious. You're even more deluded about your posting than you are about the direction of the Jets. Just curious, how many years in a row do I need to be right about the direction about the team while you spew blind homerism for you to shut up? Or do you just have no shame about being wrong all the time?
  14. Notice how you're attacking me and I'm talking about the player. You can't defend the player so you attack me. And yet you call me an a$$hole...
  15. Anyone who is actually realistic about the state of the team is a negative a$$hole when you're a blind homer.
  16. I don't think you understand what good means. What can he be "relied on" to do? Be mediocre? He does nothing all that well. He's slow and unremarkable in pretty much every way. There are guys on practice squads who can do the same role. He's just a guy.
  17. Yes, because when a reporter reports that Geno was unremarkable and that Vick led a TD drive and made one good play and doesn't view everthing that happens with the team through your blind homer glasses, he must be an evil jerk out to make the Jets look bad or something.
  18. No. He's not. I mean maybe he'll get carries on the Jets because they have a terrible offense, but he isn't good.
  19. "Home-Grown" is meaningless unless the player is good and you have him on a cheaper contract because you drafted him. If Powell was a FA and the Jets signed him, people would think it was a nothing move at best.
  20. It's not meaningless bullsh*t. Everyone knew the Jets completely bungled the CB situation this offseason. This isn't a new thing.
  21. I'm going to take this as "I can't back up my moronic point so I'm going to argue over semantics". Carry on.
  22. Oh I've thought that since the end of free agency, Game 1 just confirmed what I already knew.
  23. The idea taking the running offense by itself and saying, it BY ITSELF (in the worst offense in football) had decent stats so it was "damn good" is just so foolish i shouldn't even respond to it. Congrads for ignoring all the context for your point. Powell is AT BEST a 3rd down blocking back who would be the worst starter in the NFL if he was a starter and looks like he's running in quicksand. It shows the pathetic levels that this offense has sunk to which I guess is what you get when you have a coach who is completely disinterested in the offensive side of the ball and a front office that is
  24. I wonder if the people who have been blindly defending this GM since he's been here based on nothing but wishful thinking will defend him for another draft that looks like it will produce one good player, if that, and a bunch of garbage and for completely and incompetently bungling the CB situation.
  25. The Jets had one of the worst, unwatchable, jokes of an offense in the NFL last season, so no, it didn't work "just fine". What the hell were you watching last season?
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