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  1. All that matters is what the players think. I thought Fat Mike retired, had no idea he was podcasting like thousands of other wannabees.
  2. After the greatest 2 drafts nights in my foggy old memory PLUS the Mets no-hitting the Phillies last night....I am spent. At this point whatever happens today is just great, sort of like getting a back rub after sex.
  3. All I care about does the dude look good in green?
  4. For some reason I woke up thinking I wonder how round 1 concluded (I went to bed around pick 15). Checking the results through bleary eyes I see, wait, WTF!, how? We got JJ??? Holy smokes we got a nice haul on day 1. A lockdown CB, a WR1 and a top 5 EDGE in his draft class. Amazing!! Thos ain't the same old Jets!!!!
  5. This is like 4am Christmas morning I WANT TO OPEN MY PRESENTS NOW!!!
  6. Lathered in sauce? Smothered in sauce. Getting sauced? I do miss Revis Island.
  7. Incompetent dork is back at the helm, just as I was getting excited we were on the right path....hopefully JD stuffs Woody in a locker with a JC Penny catalogue to fap to.
  8. What a tease...screw hill, who needs the prettiest girl when there are plenty of chunky ones who can cook?
  9. Watching the news reports gets me so emotional. I feel guilty just sitting here while old woman and teenagers are fighting the Russian military.
  10. Great finish to Bradys career. Haha Wow. Rams win it!!
  11. Is father time finally pulling the plug on this epogen/HGH fueled fountain of youth???
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