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  1. Better2bgreenthanblue

    Kellen Winslow Jr. Arrested on 9 Charges

    I thought he was a moron, turns out he is a scumbag. Wasn' very good at football either...
  2. Better2bgreenthanblue

    Former Jet TE Winslow arrested for Burglary

  3. Better2bgreenthanblue

    Petty Cut

    When will we find out about Teddys knee? As long as he is a Jet, I hope Hack develops into a useful backup.
  4. Better2bgreenthanblue

    Teams are trying to trade for Petty again

    There's always a fool who thinks they can fix these wash outs. I'd take a 7th and run like a theif if any one offered. We still got Hack for the PS 😆.
  5. Better2bgreenthanblue

    McCown is ready to help Sam Darnold

    For the first time in years I feel we are on the right path, full of hope and looking forward to finishing the rebuild.
  6. Better2bgreenthanblue

    Talent Available Rounds 4-7

  7. Better2bgreenthanblue

    Talent Available Rounds 4-7

    This year's deep draft presents an interesting intersection of talent and Macc uncanny ability to find talent in the late rounds. Let's Go Macc!
  8. Better2bgreenthanblue

    What do you think of Allen going to the Bills?

  9. I've got my paper bag ready, hyper ventilating with excitement, barfing or hiding. I'm soooo ready baby! Bring it on!
  10. Better2bgreenthanblue

    FINAL 24 HOURS... All things twitter.

    One hour before we break the Namath curse. No doubt whoever we pick for QB is HOF bound.
  11. Better2bgreenthanblue

    And so the Josh Allen drop begins....

    Our society has lost its class and dignity. None of us is perfect, least of all a 13 yr old kid. Judge the man not the child. Meantime "is it soup??" ....14 hours till it's over!!!!!! Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen.
  12. Thank God the wait is over...lol.
  13. Better2bgreenthanblue

    Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    This must be what getting water boarded feels like...
  14. Better2bgreenthanblue

    Jets search for next Joe Namath needs to end at this draft

    Kinda like "Johnny Football".
  15. I watched a lot of college football the past few years and my QB rankings ended at Rosen, Mayfield, Darnold.....Allen, Rudolph. I'm reasonably confident one of the top 3 is a franchise QB. Pick one and hope you get lucky.