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  1. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    This is our chance to land the only position in the NFL that matters. Now we roll the dice and pray.
  2. Teddy Bridgewater passes his physical.....

    I heard the same thing on the radio. Jets are on the hook for 500k if they cut Teddy early in camp? If true it's a great deal for us....
  3. IMO Cousins is a very good, but not elite QB, far better than anyone on our team today so I would have been ok with it. If we get Rosen, I will cry tears of joy. If we get Mayfield, I will be happy and mildly apprehensive. If we get Allen I will pray for the football gods to look kindly on us and end the Namath curse. Just get us an elite QB!!
  4. For those who think we overpaid...

    No price is too high for a chance to crawl out of the NFL gutter.
  5. Cardinal release Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu - MERGED

    We got the dough and the need. $40M/3?
  6. Report: Jets Tell McCown he’s Starter for ’18

    And people were saying "something big is about to happen"... $90M in cap space. A disappointing day as any. Go fix the Oline and move up in the draft!!
  7. Swing for the fences move up and draft a QB. Use the money to help the OL and add a weapon. SB OR BUST BY 2021!

    I wonder how long is the logjam at FA QB resulting from Cousins taking his sweet time...
  9. Suh Possibly To Be Released

    Pass. We already got classy Robbie Anderson to fill our quota for idiots.
  10. Tyrod to the Browns

    The Commissioners office must be loving this "off-season". It' going to be an interesting 8 weeks till the smoke settles.
  11. Combine Results Thread

    So after today for me it's Rosen, Mayfield, Allen, Darnold, White.
  12. Salary Cap going up 10 to 11 million

    Wow, hard to imagine Cousins is going to get Bryce Harper kind of money, but it sure looks that way.
  13. I hope Bowles took note.....

    Lol, he ain't watching this game. It's winter, time to hibernate.

    Haha funny what happens when the Pats don't get every call
  15. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    It's time for the Eagles D to step up and force a TO.