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  1. Jets O is gonna rOOOOOOOLL. Bell going to look em in the eye and go right on bye. Darnold going to bring tears to us long time suffering faithful. We ain't going to a gunfight with no pea-shooter boys... Jets 41 Bill's 36
  2. Stidham. Lol. I hope he sees playing time by the 2nd game this season.
  3. For all his short comings as a man, OJ was fun to watch in the 70's. Jim Kelly is on my top 10 list of all time great QB's. Bruce Smith was a hammer. I feel for the Bill's fans, after 20 years of getting run over by the BradyBellie brigade they now face 20 years of second citizenship to slinging Sammy Darnold.
  4. This modest number of penalties for Buster shocks me. Must not include the 25 declined penalties that resulted in a completed long pass. Skrine was almost comical with his constant grabbing.
  5. Mr ground and pound loves our new RB? Cant wait till he checks out the feet on our new kicker.
  6. Glad we got Darnold a versatile weapon. Bring back Bilal as a decent backup.
  7. We added a very good G via trade, top shelf LB, above avg slot and some lessor pieces. I have mixed feelings about this Diva, but Darnold deserves better weapons. Only disappointed we didnt get Paradis. Edge rushers are deep in this draft. Rather have Bosa or even Allen on a rookie deal than Barr. I'm giving Macc a week to see how this settles but hes off to a better start than I feared.
  8. There will be a lot of Vet QB's looking for work this summer. Keep upgrading the OL and sign one of them for $2M/1 yr deal.
  9. If Barr cost $14-15M/year how many bullets we got left if we sign Mosley? Please sign Paradis!
  10. Dream scenario, imagine the haul you could get at 3 if Bosa is still on the board? Worse case, our D becomes top 10 if we kept him.
  11. Only way this gets better is if Kraft took the boys down to Jupiter for a "treat" to celebrate their SB victory.
  12. Zac Stacey, man among boys. 10 carrys close to 50 yards.
  13. Thought he was an adequate pass protection G once they moved him. Maybe resign for $2-3M as a backup/depth. We might need a few extra OL if we run a hurry up offense. Will NEVER forget his last game at C.

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