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  1. Who could have predicted a Jan game in Buffalo would have awful weather? Who?? Add to that, Buffalo is near the north pole so daylight ends right after lunch so basically this is a night game in the dead of winter! My over/under for points scored is 21. Jets 12 Buffalo 9.
  2. Today's game gives me hope we can build around Wilson and Carter.
  3. I think it's how he dumped Tommy for yelling at him lol
  4. Best half of football in a long time made extra special because Tommy boy is miserable. You think he would outgrow the whining!
  5. This game is the exclamation point on this whole damned season. F covid. F Jacksonville. F the NFL/ Vegas....let's go Jets! No excuses!! Jets 38 Jags 27
  6. Prayers for that kid and his family. Looked in rough shape when he got carted off.
  7. This game was hugely disappointing. Wilson is laughably worse than Sanchez, Geno, etc in his first year. It's hard to have faith he will evolve into a FQB. But what choice do we have at this point but wait and see.
  8. The fact we are still in this game doesn't bode well for Saints being a playoff team.
  9. Here we go with the refs again making sure the saints are up 10-3 at the half.
  10. Two really bad offenses, its only a matter if time before a huge mistake swings the game to one side.
  11. Ground and pound baby. Taysom Hill is a pic machine. Convert his mistakes into time consuming drives. Ok, ok I admit we ain't got much pound and interceptions are a foreign concept to our D...but a guys got a have a dream right? Jets 12 Saints 10.
  12. Game plan? Who needs a game plan you just need two plays vs this D. Screen to the TE/RB or run it up the gut.
  13. I'm checking out. Cant wait to see KRL's report card for this game....
  14. Let's just hope Zach has a good 4th Q. I'm afraid he will start pressing and fall apart again.
  15. Short by a couple inches!!!.....my wife just nodded and winked lol.
  16. If Riley went to West Point I got respect even though he sucks at football.
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