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  1. Crippled RB, petrified QB, weak OL. Rams are brutal.
  2. Yea but we are alcohol guzzling fans not a "genius", "GOAT" multi-millionaire professional NFL coach.
  3. I put $50 on the Rams so I don't get tempted into hoping the Pat's win, deluding myself that maybe Brady, BB and Gronk would retire. Worse bet ever, but money well spent!
  4. I would gladly give up our 2014, 2015, 2016 1st round picks if in return I get Darnold. Calvin the Hitman, Leo and Tiny Backer for Sam the man lol.
  5. However greatness is getting well over 40, even his fountain of youth "diet" cant beat father time.
  6. Think it could change with all these talented young QB's. Faces might become Chiefs, Rams, Browns with the Jets becoming the new Taker.
  7. Great game. Kraft must be stuffing envelopes at the moment. Pat's need another bogus roughing in OT.
  8. Pat's rub routes, why is it seemingly unstoppable?
  9. The Purge. Should be a lot more taken out back and shot before this night is through.
  10. Anyone following the other games we need to move up in the draft? How are we doing?
  11. I wish our WR's could create 15 yards of seperation like the Pat's WR get on us.
  12. Settles for losing too easily. This isn't horseshoes where "close" is good enough. Weird that such a tough player could become such a gutless coach.
  13. It's easy to appreciate Darnold after our previous QB "saviors", Sanchez spending XMAS chasing teenage tail and Geno trying to figure out if it was XMAS yet in his time zone. Thanks Sam for giving us hope.
  14. Guess you never saw "Reefer Madness".
  15. Imagine how good Darnold will play when he has receivers that can catch a ball, fight for contested balls, run after the catch. Look at the weapons Watson had tonight. Darnold is stranded with the cast from the island of misfits (Anderson, Kearse, Bates, Bowles).
  16. Cant wait until Sam can check out of the Bates Motel.
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