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  1. Our special teams and D are in an epic battle of ineptitude.
  2. I'm not letting whatever his name is Kicker for the week upset my "hey Zach is doing OK so far" mood.
  3. Oh boy they did that easy. C'mon Zach were going to need 40.
  4. "NFL Way To Play" award = participation trophy. Now the NFL celebrates a guy holding a block downfield lol.
  5. I am crossing my fingers we see development from Zach. It's time he starts to improve. Expecting our D to play big today. A huge upset special...Jets 21 Eagles 10
  6. I want Zach for GM, he surely hit a home run with that high school GF draft pick!
  7. I hope our next QB has a fat sloppy unattractive GF, drives a rusty diesel dually and grew up east of the Mississippi.
  8. This kid Walter looks quick. Just wish he was taller than 5'8"
  9. I blame Wilson's girlfriend. They should be kept apart the rest of the season, it's clear our boy is worn out.
  10. Q William's was a great pick since it gave us the inside track on Quincy. Subtle Genius!
  11. Excited to see the new and improved Wilson lead the offense. If he takes what's given I'll have hope for our combined futures. I am hoping for a high scoring game and to be honest have mixed feelings about winning as I have started to draft watch. Still...... LETS GO JETS!
  12. I dont care what my QB drives as long as the OL drives new full sized Bronco Wildtraks with Sasquatch package.
  13. Not pessimistic, just very frustrated. For me it started with the awful "Idzik 11" draft filled with busts. I am hopeful about our recent draft picks, we are starting to accumulate talent on both sides of the ball. I hope the light at the end of the tunnel doesnt run me over like it has the last 10 years.
  14. So what kind of OL/TE talent is there in this years draft? anyone care to share their top 5 OL and TE picks?
  15. Is this a new "prevent defense" we employ vs Miamis running game, playing soft the first 10 yards?
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