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  1. Really missing Tinybacker today. Could use some speed to contain Allen.
  2. Hmmmmmm 3rd and 9, might be a good time to run a jet sweep.
  3. Nonsense. We are capable of beating any team in the first half. That's right, ANY TEAM.
  4. "The Iceberg". Lol. I hope he earns the handle and it sticks!
  5. Call Chad Pennington. Always wondered how he would do as a coach. Call IBM gotta a good job for Watson, first AI coach in history. Pull some guy out a the stands in a "be the HC for a week promotion" Just no more Bowles. Please. Make it go away!
  6. Hopefully the Titans dont know that Skrine is useless.
  7. Excited to see how Bowles adjusts the O to punch in a couple TD's.
  8. If we go up by 20+ any chance we could see Webb second half?
  9. This team beat the Patriots? Tells me the dynasty is crumbling.
  10. We already got Davis Webb, how many guys does it take to hold a freaking clipboard?
  11. It almost like the other owners take delight in bullying Woody. Remember an NFL braintrust highly recommended Bowles... I'd like to strangle every member of that committee. I can now imagine a group of owners off in the corner snickering "he took the simpleton last time, see if he will take the clown back! Rex the clown!"
  12. Great punt, too bad, we had a great chance to pin Brady on the 2.
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