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  1. Lets beat the Pat's and show the rest of the league "If the Jets can beat them, anyone can!"
  2. If they wont fire Bowles than fire a player, how about Kearse? Dude quit 3-4 games ago. Need to set an example for the young guys. sh*tty attitude, alligator arming, standing outofbounsin losers dont deserve a roster spot.
  3. Mid Q2 the hapless Bill's QB'd by scrub Matt Barkley had scored more points than we had gained in yards. Our D was embarrassing, even lethargic. Today Bowles sealed his fate and a seat on the Mt Rushmore of Jet ineptitude. It's bad enough we have a lack of elite talent, but c'mon play with pride! Show some heart! At least pretend you give a sh*t. This is not the worst Jets roster ever, but its surely one of the worst motivated.
  4. I'm sitting here watching Matt F'ing Barkley slice our defense to pieces. "That guy" is sitting 5 seats from me, 1 row down blind drunk screaming profanities at Bowles. Hes the only one having fun, I think I'll join him!! Bill's have more points than we have offensive yards Bill's 24 Jets 0. Ugh.
  5. Can you imagine if 4 finger Long was playing with Buttfumble or Geno. Lol. Give Darnold credit for mostly keeping his composure. The entire team sucked today. Kearse should be cut tomorrow. No excuse. Anybody who makes Sam and the team look bad with their lack of effort gets canned. Billboards for Kearse anyone?
  6. My wife must think I'm reading porn as I stiffened up reading this paragraph!
  7. Waking up and finding out I wont have to watch the PR run horrendous routes and drop easy passes, that our 3 TE formation is actually a passing play, that Sam will have some weapons... Jets 38 Miami 10.
  8. Yes, sign him and let him tee off on Brady later this season.
  9. Dear lord, let's stop sending Darnold to the shootout with a letter opener. We need weapons. Bell is likely an elite dual purpose weapon for the next 2-3 years.
  10. Rex flashed, but then faded fast. When was the last time we had a competent HC? Any chance one of the great minds will come if we surround Darnold with legit weapons?
  11. Davis Webb seemed decent enough to hold a clipboard next year.
  12. Been a while since I seen a screen go for a TD. Ugh.
  13. Through my rose colored glasses Darnold is passing my "eye test". His pocket awareness, arm strength, mobility are above average. Apparently his professionalism and dedication to the game is very good. I agree with your comments - he hasn't really done anything yet - but again through my desperate for a franchise QB perspective Darnolds ceiling is very high. I'm looking forward to the next 3 years and see how he develops. The 2020's could be a great time for us Jets fans.
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