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  1. 5 for 9, 22 1st Q yards from Flacco. Hopefully Zach is watching Flacco taking what they're giving.
  2. Watching this week is going to be absolute torture. How long before the entire Oline misses their assignments and old man Flacco is broken into pieces....wait is that the reason they sat White? I learned long ago just when you think it cant get any worse with this franchise. We are a disgrace. I call the bottom if Jets trade their 1st from Seattle to get Geno back. This sucks!
  3. I'm going to make some pizza dough, it's time for some ultra thick crust home made pizza with sausage, peppers and sliced pepperoni. 3-4 slices and something to wash it down should put me in the mood to forget this game.
  4. Usually a non call helmet to helmet pisses me off, not so much cause it's no effort, check cashing Crowder
  5. Sure is fun to have a sliver of hope. If it ends today so what! At least Mike White made it fun to be a Jets fan these past 3 weeks.
  6. It's time for Mike White to show the AFC East who the best QB in the division is!! Old fashioned shoot out. Jets 38 Bill's 36.
  7. Think back to the comments and promises Joe Willie made. We were not always SOJ. Maybe we could chip in a buy Mr. White a flowing mink coat and some cool purple bell bottoms. Your right we will learn a lot this week and I hope its all good!
  8. That's brutal. So much the "Patriots way"....wow I guess Beli has his protege.
  9. Go with the hot hand. White carved up the Bengals top 10 defense. The Bill's have an elite D, let's see if White can throw for 250+ 2TD 1 int. I still think ZW is the future but I would like to see if White is for real.
  10. You always bounce along the bottom for awhile before an upturn. We got some young guys on both sides of the ball that IMO show real promise. At this point what else can we do but hold on and see what the next two drafts produce. Maybe we are a sustainable playoff team in 2024-5.
  11. I really feel for the poor young woman and her family. What a horrible way to go. I hope this horrible accident is well publicized and talked about by the NFL. Maybe we can turn this into a teaching moment for all of us. DONT PARTY AND DRIVE.
  12. I hope Mike White didnt cut a deal with Joe Willie's connections and he can keep looking like a FQB. Wow, was that a great game!!
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