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  1. I think my spirit finally broke, I opened the fridge last night and saw my wife made fresh bean dip and restocked the beverages. I felt guilty! Up until that moment I was planning on installing a new battery and getting the cars ready for winter while listening to the radio broadcast. Now I better pretend I'm in to it. I've got a great wife and dont want to rock that boat. Let's go D, let's White wash the Bengals!
  2. Sam is Geno aweful. The very best of our last 6 picks at QB are warming benches with most out of the league. It's uncanny how useless our QB picks are.
  3. I recall Geno is a mudder. Hope the rain stays away for the next 3 hours.
  4. F Belli for running up the score. F the Jets for letting them. F it all. J-E-T-S Suck, Suck, Suck
  5. At least the Seattle games are interesting. Two top ten picks would be nice.
  6. A couple weeks ago I was laughing at how aweful we are. Not sure if it's the Pat's effect but today I am disgusted watching "Check down" Jones and their RB'S and TE'S carve us up. C'mon man!
  7. NFL knows the Jets attandance is collapsing, expect a miracle win to give us hope and get us back in the seats.
  8. 3rd down looked like a TD but who knows maybe the end zone line is crooked.
  9. "was a big blow to my daily routine, a little anonymous community wiped out. Wandered the web until I found most people migrated here. Never asked for my post count to be transferred, I coulda been big ; ) " Never knew you could have your post count ported over from JI, If I only knew lol. Back in the 90's it was newspaper sites and believe it or not horse racing sites that talked football, but from more of a gambling angle (cards or squares).
  10. I'm not so sure, at this point the INT's make me laugh and my bro and I have an over/under bet each week. We will probably keep the O/U the same as last Pat's game at 2 INT's. I'm thinking I better take the over, I've lost the bet 3 of 4 weeks so far lol. It's just growing pains, let him rip it and learn.
  11. Young team, green coaches, last week 2 steps forward this week 1 step....ok 2 steps back.
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