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  1. The hits he has taken, exposed himself too... Makes me really appreciate Darnold.
  2. Wonder if JJ Watt could be as good as Gronk at TE.
  3. I'm surprised no one is posting about the inevitability of Pryor signing with the Patriots in a couple weeks. Problem is, I dont think he can show Belli the routes cause he certainly looked lost when he was trying to run them.
  4. Wow, this sucks. Bilal was the kinda player always seem to give 100%. Wish you well BP! Macc better be turning over all the rocks this week looking for weaponzz.
  5. Cant we afford a couple cans of Stick'em?
  6. Anderson contributes more than Shelly the speedster did with twice the athleticism. Nice trade.
  7. Roberts returning is a circus. Almost makes you miss the statue Kerley at least he could catch the kick/punt.
  8. dear lord trade for some weaponz that can catch the ball.
  9. Darnold is pressing, his WR's are getting no seperation.
  10. WR's need to get seperation. Lord we need some more weaponz
  11. Hey we hung on through the first half, need some good luck and consistent snaps and we could pull off a big win against a very good team.
  12. I've never seen such inconsistent shotgun snaps. C'mon man help Sammy out!
  13. Only 3 posts in the game day thread by 7am? Max will not be happy!! Let's Go Jets. High flying Jets sink the Vikings 38-36.
  14. Was told by my Giants neighbor that we had a big test coming today with the weather predicted to be cold and windy. The "Darnolds never played in the cold" narrative is getting old already. I just wish his weaponz were healthy. I gotta admit I'm concerned this week. Let's Go Jets!
  15. Respectfully, Tammy is susceptible to an aggressive pass rush. His sense of self preservation takes over and he takes early dives rather than taking big hits. Presumably Pats playing from behind allows the D to tee off.
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